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Never Paint Again, painting houses all year round!

I originally wrote this in mid November, a time you may think where all house painters and decorators have shut up shop for the winter, yes?

Not so. Did you know that we paint the exterior of houses all year round and yes, that includes the colder winter months, so how can we do this when your local decorator cannot?

Yes I know what you’re thinking, “It’s winter, why on earth would I get my house painted?”.

We work all year round, in all weathers.

Why? Are we crazy?

Well, not all of us are, but we are a hardy bunch, and the cold and damp weather are meat and drink to us, at a time when your local decorator is wrapped up snug inside waiting for springtime to arrive next year, we are busy rendering, repairing pebbledash, painting and applying wall coatings with our spray machine.

Your local house painter cannot work at this time of year because they use normal outdoor wall masonry paint WHICH IS ACTUALLY COLOURED WATER.

(if you don’t believe me, check out the data sheet of Dulux Weathershield here which is mainly WATER) in fact most outdoor wall paint that you can buy in shops is water based.

Dulux weathershield paint is coloured water

As you know, in cold temperatures, water freezes. Dulux paint cannot be applied in temperatures under a balmy 7 degrees (!).

The exterior wall coating system we use is resin based and does not freeze, in fact we can successfully work on your home using the Wethertex system, in temperatures of MINUS 5 DEGREES.

“If I employ Never Paint Again to repair and paint my house, what do I get for my money?”

Your local painter will PAINT and that is it.

He (or she, let’s be fair) will apply paint to the walls of your house and that is all you will get, nothing more. The paint they apply, as we said, can only be done in warmer temperatures, meaning next spring in the rush to book a decorator, you may miss out.

Not so with us.

The never paint again teams work 12 months of the year and yes winter is a quieter time for sure, but we offer generous discounts to keep our teams working all year round, (although your tea, sugar and milk expenditure may nominally rise during the work, to be honest).

You will also get 22 years of our experience and expertise, working on homes all around the UK, and in some cases, in Europe too.

Your house will have a full repair, no matter how big or how small a job that may be.

We could, for example, carry out rendering or repairs to hollow render. Replacing broken bricks and missing mortar joints.

We could be doing the damp proofing on your home as our wall coatings cure penetrating damp, something that masonry paint will not do.

We also do building alterations, we sort out any embarrassing DIY fails you may have suffered from, discretely and professionally. Basically you get the full works, for far less money than you may think.

“OK, sounds good so far, but what ELSE is in it for me?”

In addition to your home being free of defects, it get’s the full NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall treatment, meaning the house will not only NOT need any maintenance for at least 20 years, it will also look great, and will STAY looking that good, for 20 years.

We also offer a 20 year guarantee, backed by a leading insurance company, for total peace of mind.

You can see some of our previous work by selecting PHOTOS in the above menu.

The work would be completed in less than one week, your home is treated with the utmost care, we are very tidy and do not turn your house into a building site.

“OK, you’ve convinced me, what do I do now?”

That’s the easy bit, reach out to us by using the CONTACT button, or you can call us FREE on 0800 970 4928 (England, Scotland and Wales only) and have a chat with us about the sort of work you want doing, and when you want it done.

There’s zero sales patter and no obligation whatsoever.

Let Never Paint Again paint your home this year. Any time of year. Your call….

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