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How much does your house wall coating system cost? Prices, quotes or estimates?

For any queries about how much it actually costs to have an exterior wall coating on your home, to have it repaired, weatherproofed AND decorated externally, call us now for an indication of price and timescale on 0800 970 4928

In the mean time, please check out the various products we offer using the menu above, or read on to find out more.

Whilst a lot of people choose to give us brief instructions as to what they want doing to their house, from time to time we enjoy a nice chat with someone who has experienced getting house painting quotes from other companies to have their house painted so as an example, here is one of them!

(Although we are based in Plymouth, we have other offices around the country)

Prices, estimates or quotes?

The most common question we get asked, always, and for the last 35 years we have had a house painting business is how much does having my house painted with a wall coating cost?

So why can’t I tell you exactly how much it costs now, on this page?

Well I would love to but no 2 houses are the same and we tend to take each particular house on it’s own merits.

Although it takes some effort and time on our part, to price up a house painting job, but it is part of what we do. We HAVE to see your home before we can give a price.

This is because we need to measure each wall, and then subtract the windows from the calculations, and then we need to factor in what render repairs your house may need.

If there are cracks, we need to fix them, as we also do when we find hollow and cracked rendering or damp and mould patches.

This all needs to be put onto the cost.

If you do not want to commit to us coming around to see you, and NO not to sell you our systems, you either buy it or you don’t, that is up to you, but if you do not want a free survey just now, you can email us via the CONTACT PAGE and we can give you an estimate.

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A site user from the Westcountry writes………

Hello, how’s it going?

I saw you on the internet after seeing one of your teams working on a house here in Plymouth and I see you have an office here, so can you contact me for one of your free quotes please if you don’t mind as i want what they had on my house please!

I’ll tell you a bit about it. The house is late Victorian, has damp, mainly at the rear and lots of cracks that someone at some stage has put a load of gunk in it to seal the crack but its obvious looking at it, it needs far more repairs done and some more cracks have appeared to the front and the side after the winter we had, which was very cold. I am very keen to get the damp walls cured for a start.

I have had 3 quotes so far for wall coating job, but i am to be honest not interested in any as the salesman from these companies ( guess you wont be able to print who they are yes?!?),

anyway, the 1st fella was about 18 years old (!), was selling some sort of coating that that trowel on and roll into a pattern and looked awful but he tried, badly, to convince us it would look grate on our Victorian house!

By that time we knew he was a fool and showed him the door.

EDITOR: “it is a bit like suggesting buying a vintage 1920s rolls Royce and shoving alloy wheels and a sports exhaust on it as some fool says it would look “nice”, where do some of these wall coating firms get their staff from!?

(sorry guys, I don’t mean you!) 🙂

…..and anyway he read a script and we couldn’t wait for him to leave, and then the other 2 turned up in flash cars, the 1st one seemed in a hurry to leave, even before he gave us the stupid price he did, and the last one we had around was a fairly nice chap don’t get me wrong, but the price he quoted was absolutely astronomical and he didn’t have any houses already painted in Plymouth to show us which put us off a bit!

I have heard grate things about NPA, especially as I know my mate had you guys do his house in Glenholt and he was well chuffed with it, plus he said you have display houses we can see in Plymouth so i would like to see  a few also.

Now I am sure you know, being from Plymouth yourself (!), that people generally don’t have a lot of dough down here and as we only bought the house last year, it skinted us,

so I would be very keen to get a quote so can you send someone around to see my house as i am very keen to get the cheapest price you can to have my house painted, thanks in Anticipation from John, Plymouth.


The price for a genuine Never Paint Again wall coating fitted to your home, starts at only £3,500 inc VAT.

This would be indicative of 2 sides of a small terraced house, not including scaffolding

EDITORS NOTE: We never print peoples details unless they give us permission. We will update this post at a later stage if  “John” decides to go ahead with us………..


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