semi professional painter using trade paint on a wall

Top tips for your DIY and home improvement project

Top time and money saving tips and ideas that you can use to maintain and protect your home right away, even if you are a DIY novice, we’ll show you how. All info sourced from the public domain and hand edited by a qualified surveyor. In 30 years working in the UK building trade we’ve...Continue reading

Long windows on old house

This is how important the windows in your house are

Windows: I guarantee that every single day, anyone reading this will have looked through a window, open or closed one, or have drawn back the curtains to reveal what is on the other side, but how well do you know them?

diy disaster

5 common DIY disasters and how to put them right

Homeowners in the UK love a spot of DIY, but inexperience and using the wrong tools can cost you more than any money you think you will save doing it yourself! And you can forget anything you see on TV property shows too! It’s been proven that many well meaning DIY jobs end at best...Continue reading


When is the best time of year to get the house painted?

If it’s that time of year to paint the house again then you most certainly are in luck! The time to paint your most valued asset, your house, seems to come around far too often doesn’t it? You are now on the UK’s most popular exterior house painting and wall coatings website, packed with over...Continue reading

a painter and decorator

10 really fascinating things you never knew about paint

Paint! So you think you know what it is, how’s it’s made, where it’s used and all the different types? Perhaps not! In this handy “all about” article, we look at paint, and suggest ten things that you probably didn’t know about this amazing stuff!

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