A bungalow having been painted externally in cumbria with wethertex textured wall coating

Bungalow painting in Silloth, on the windswept and cold Solway Firth, Cumbria

A previous project of ours, this page shows us spray painting a bungalow with top quality and weatherproof Wethertex wall coatings, on the Solway Firth, Cumbria.

This page shows the preparation and the application of a weatherproof “Wethertex” external wall coating.

Here is an example of the repair and decoration we do for many of our retired customers.

This lovely bungalow was in a rural area near to Silloth, on the Solway Firth, near to Cumbria.

One day during September the owners, a retired couple in their seventies, called us for a chat and told us about some of the problems that were having with their house.

The Solway firth is up next to the Scottish border and the area is known for wet and windy weather, so a coat of normal paint on the exterior walls was never really an option.

Here is what the house like on the day we started work.


Hmmm…looks a bit drab doesn’t it?

The owners, a lovely couple, had spent time and money on the inside, and it looked lovely, very warm and cosy, well decorated too, but the outside really let the place down, the next photo of the side suggests the same situation.


The first thing we did was check the walls for defects like cracks of hollow areas of render.

These are then fixed and replaced as needed.

We then mask up the windows (which is taken down when the men finish work each night) and then we cover and protect floors, lawns and plants around the property.

We then apply a cement slurry bonding coat, a primer coat, and then we spray apply a very thick, durable paint onto the walls, in whatever colour you like, take the masking down and clean up and that is it!

Once the men finish, usually less than one week, we issue an insurance covered 20 year guarantee against failure of the paint.

So within a 20 year lifespan, the paint on your home will not fade, crack or peel, and will stop all damp and condensation inside for good.

This amazing house painting system can add value to your home, and peace of mind for yourselves.

Here is the side of the house after a wall coating application

Compare this photo with the one above!

What a huge difference eh?

Here is the front of the bungalow after we finished applying the wethertex wall coating


So as you can see, you get a very thorough job, by friendly, trustworthy house painting experts, with none of the fuss or mess that most “local” decorators leave you with.

This house will not need any repair or external decoration for 20 years.

Of course, although we are lucky to count many retirees as customers, we paint homes for all types of people, located anywhere in the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland, from Wales and the whole of England too, so you are never far from a depot.

Rather than me bang on and on about how good we are (!), I thought it might be nice to show you an example of what it is that we do, so if it is something that interests you, you can call or email us for a chat, with no obligation and no annoying “sales talk” either.

If our long life house painting system interests you then give us a call today, we even pay for the phone call, on (0800) 970 4928

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