Front of Okehampton house with new wethertex wall coating

This paint product stops frequent house painting, seen in action, in Okehampton, Devon

Having your house painted every year, or every 2 years, can see costs, and hassle, mount up, I am sure as a homeowner you have experienced this?

There actually is a solution to all of this, it is not expensive, comes with zero hassle, and a guarantee that lasts for 20 years.

We have successfully used the wall coating product for years all around the country, on homes large and small, so what is it?

We are employed to repair and paint houses. All kinds of houses, so what better way to explain what we do, and what products we use, to achieve our goals.

Here is a house in Okehampton, Devon, suffering from cracked render and flaky paint.

The products we use one each job are usually the same, and most of what we use is trade only, meaning the public cannot buy it.

This is because much of what we use requires specialists training and tools to use it, rather than using DIY products, we use the best trade formulas for a perfect finish every time.

Your local painter and decorator would only have access to a small number of trade only paints.

Here is what we started with: Compared to the photo at the top of the page, it certainly needs help!

front of okehampton house showing bad render
This house in the historic Dartmoor town of Okehampton had been painted with masonry paint, which afforded no weather protection from the regions harsh climate and, as such, the walls had suffered numerous cracks.

This led to the cracks getting worse and cracking the render beneath, letting damp into the house.

We had to locate all the bad areas as remove the old render, plus cut the cracks out.

Products used on this stage:

Portland cement and polymer render

Builders sand

PVA Mortar plasticiser, normally Unibond

Once the walls have been fixed, we then walked the customer around the house to see the extent of the repairs done and to confirm they were happy for us to move to the next stage.

The next stage involved us hand applying a weatherproof primer, another wall coating product we use

front of house masked up and in primer before painting

As you can already see, unlike your local decorator, we spend a great deal of time in preparation work, which is one reason why our jobs last so long.

Nothing is left to chance and nothing is overlooked.

The primer had to be of course applied to the whole building, all the way round, which as a large house, certainly took all 3 of us some time to complete.

To give you an idea of size, here is another view of the house with work in progress

gable end of okehampton house in primer

The entire house has to be covered in this before we can continue with the final stage, which is spray applying the textured masonry coating, to the exterior walls.

Once the primer coating is completed, we do a quick tidy up of the site, check all the masking paper is still in good order, and then get our spraying machine out of our van.

Product used: Wethertex PP1 Pre-prep Primer wall coating product


Once the sprayer is out of the van, one operative connects it up to the air compressor and the other mixes the top coat of Wethertex MP44 textured wall coating, very much an all weather wall coating that can’t be beaten!

One operative primes the pump, which often includes the removal from the paint lines of the previous job’s coating, which is sometimes a different colour than the house we are working on.

Then ladders are set, scaffolding is set, and we are ready to spray the wall coating.

This product gives the ultimate protection for your home.

Here you can see one side of the finished job, lit up by the glorious Dartmoor sunshine.

gable end of okehampton house

The wall coating paint on the outside walls of this home will now not fade, crack, chip or peel, and it wall also stop damp, mould and condensation from ever appearing again, whilst not “sealing” the house.

This means as it is an elastomeric wall coating with microporosity built in, it acts like the human skin and repels water but allows the walls to breathe and flex normally.

This is backed by our 20 year guarantee for no more painting. No more yearly hassle and no more yearly cost, it’s all built in to the good value of the service we provide.

Wall coating Product used: Wethertex MP44 Exterior masonry wall coating

wethertex mp44 textured exterior wall coating

This product was developed in conjunction with ourselves, to provide the UK’s most durable exterior wall coating. As you can see it was awarded BBA approval and is one of a range of wall coating products that we use.

This sort of product is not massively expensive if that is what you are thinking.

This job took around one week to complete, in good weather.

We work all year round so sometimes a job in the winter time can take longer than a week, it depends on how much work is involved, and how large a house we we are working on.

To give you an idea of the size, here is the side of the house, with a brand new paint finish

side of okehampton house completed with wall coating

I hope that posting this case study has correctly explained the sort of work we do, and if you would like to speak to us about having this wall coating system on your home, simply call us on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email, we look forward to hearing from you.

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