When is the best time of year to get the house painted? Find out here…

If it’s that time of year to paint the house again then you most certainly are in luck! The time to paint your most valued asset, your house, seems to come around far too often doesn’t it?

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When is the best time of year to have the house exterior painted?

First off though, what about cost? What is your budget?

As far as the cost to paint a house in the UK, each home we paint is different and as such, we always visit the house, survey it and work out a cost on the spot, based on its size and the amount of repair needed.

So enough about me, what about you?!

You are probably on this page after searching for exterior house painting services, a price for painting the house, estimates of cost for wall coatings, or something along those lines, so without further ado, let’s explain what to do to get your house painted.

Getting your house painted.

Firstly you need to set your budget so you know how much you have to spend on getting the place painted.

This is vital because if you are short of cash, it is not worth even thinking about getting it painted because a cheap job with cheap materials will last maximum one year and then you have pay someone to do it again, thus costing you twice as much.

Exterior house painters won’t work for next to nothing, and if you get a quote or estimate for house painting and it’s really low then something is amiss I assure you.

Don’t throw your money away on yearly painting!

How to waste money

Having your house painted by a professional means that it is going to cost you at least some money, and if you have a textured wall covering on the walls like pebbledash, it will actually cost you more to have it painted than brick or painting rendered houses.

Forgetting about “Keeping up appearances” for a second, and no I’ don’t mean that Hyacinth Bucket (boo-kay?) woman, I mean keeping the house at least looking nice so people don’t drive by and honk their car horns every day or point at you in the street and laugh.

It is important to keep the house in good order as it is by far the most valuable thing you own, so you need to look after it.

What sorts of houses do we paint?

We paint more or less any type of house in any condition and in any location across the UK, in fact we also have people in Spain if you have a holiday villa over there that needs painting.

We decorate terraced houses, detached and semi’s, commercial units, pubs, hotels, banks, churches, schools, basically anything that needs painting.


Back in the UK we have painted homes from Penzance to Inverness, from east Kent, to west wales.

Just because we are part of a large network of professional decorators, it does NOT mean we are expensive.

We can turn any house, such as this rather scruffy one……

front of Brighton Cracked pebbledash house before painting

…and then with a weeks work (in this case), involving all repairs needed such as rendering, crack repairs, pebble-dash replacement, and then apply a special sprayed coating system to the house, which makes the property look a bit like this amazing place…..

The same house we painted, which was in Brighton, Sussex.

front of brighton house completed External house painting costs
Contact us for a quote to get your house painted

It is so easy to get your house painted with our Never Paint Again teams ready and waiting to take your call.

We are skilled, experienced, clean, trustworthy and reliable and no job is too large. We have plenty of colour samples to show you, and lots of references from satisfied clients too.

Best time of year for house painting?

This may surprise you but the summer is NOT the best time to have your house painted.

Why? Because in most cases, painters and wall coating companies are already fully booked, the good ones anyway, so you may not even be able to have it painted during summer.

Saying that, if you are to choose our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system, your house can be painted at any time of year, even during cold weather.

Quotes and estimates for external painting

A quote from us is totally free and without obligation.

We only use qualified, experienced and time served painting and decorating contractors, all of whom are fully trained also in the application of our range of special external wall coatings.

The first thing to do is to decide once and for all to get the house painted and then contact us by either using the CONTACT FORM or by calling FREEPHONE on 0800 970 4928.

You can also reach out to us on the social networks, the links to which are below. If you like our site you can also SHARE this page too.

Whatever exterior home decorating needs you have, one quick call to us can sort it out, and the bonus is that all work and materials comes with a 20 year guarantee!

So what are you waiting for, give us a call!

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