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What home improvements do I need planning permission for?

In the UK, and many other countries, there exists a set of enforceable rules and regulations that govern the built environment, which aim to ensure that buildings are constructed, altered or improved in a sympathetic and safe manner. There are various common home improvements, usually the more “major” types, that require permission from your local...Continue reading

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Tips to avoid Home Improvements scams, rogues and con-men

WARNING! There are people out there who want to relieve you of your money! Continuing our consumer advice theme, we advise you what and who to watch out for, so you don’t get ripped off when purchasing home improvements and building work on your home and we offer some handy home improvements advice.

self healing buildings

A smart building that can repair itself automatically? Graphene!

Imagine a building being so “intelligent” that it automatically repairs itself if a problem occurs. The stuff of science fiction? Actually no. The concept of a building being able to “heal” itself seems rather far fetched, but recent research into concrete has uncovered a self-healing concrete that could vastly lengthen the lifespan of buildings, and...Continue reading

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