workers accident

Home safety tips for both your family, and your local builder

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your house be repaired, painted or improved in some way, when workmen come around to carry out home improvements but for the unwary, there are risks involved, but there are many ways to avoid any incidents. When workmen and builders come around to carry out home improvements, if they...Continue reading

DIY paint tins and paint brushes on newspaper

Is trade paint for decorators, better quality than DIY paint?

If you are planning a decorating job this year, which type of paint should you choose? Will you go with trade-only paint, or the paint that’s readily available in your DIY store? Is there a difference between the two types, even paints by the same brand?

a painter and decorator

10 really fascinating things you never knew about paint

Paint! So you think you know what it is, how’s it’s made, where it’s used and all the different types? Perhaps not! In this handy “all about” article, we look at paint, and suggest ten things that you probably didn’t know about this amazing stuff!

self healing buildings

A smart building that can repair itself automatically? Graphene!

Imagine a building being so “intelligent” that it automatically repairs itself if a problem occurs. The stuff of science fiction? Actually no. The concept of a building being able to “heal” itself seems rather far fetched, but recent research into concrete has uncovered a self-healing concrete that could vastly lengthen the lifespan of buildings, and...Continue reading

Graco spray paint on exterior wall

Masonry paint: the good and the bad bits about painting

Exterior masonry paint is something that everyone knows about and most people have had to use this at some point, but when it has to be done every single year, the costs really start to rise. Is exterior paint any good? Or are there other methods of covering the exterior of your home that are...Continue reading

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