Smooth render and new paint for a house in wales

A wreck to a home: Our wall coatings can transform ANY building

We love a Challenge….

In most cases we apply our famously durable exterior wall covering system to houses that are made of the normal stuff, you know, bricks or blocks, which have been covered over with render, harling, tyrolean or more often than not, that awful stuff pebbledash, but now and again we get to do something a bit different.

This property near Cardiff in Wales had a serious of major improvements over the years, doubling it’s size internally.

Our wall coatings can transform ANY building, just see what they did to this house!

It was originally an industrial building so we had our work cut out to change it into a private dwelling.

In most cases, the way and the method we use, to apply wall coatings is more or less the same. This is because most houses are made the traditional way, and the original part of the house was no exception.

The extended bit was a little different and we wanted to show you what we did to not only stablise and repair the building, but also the methods we used to transform a wooden framed and wooden clad building.

This method of construction isn’t the norm, but if done well, and subsequently protected from the weather, this type of building can last and last, with no problems or issues at all, leaving you, the homeowner, to concentrate on more important things!

Bear in mind that wood, by it’s very nature, expands and contracts far more than traditional “hard” surfaces such as brick or natural stone.

We can’t just slap some paint over the wood and leave it like that, our clients demand the best quality and they are happy to pay for a premium service, one that comes with a substantial guarantee too.

First off, here is what we found, a very ugly exterior wall

Wooden framed building with render
“Yes Madam, I can be confident in saying that your house DOES need more than a lick of paint..”


Ugly eh?

This is only ONE side of the extended part and as you can see, many doors and windows has been blocked off due to internal alterations. The owners wanted a radical change to their home and with NPA, that’s what they got.

This side shows the “scratch coat” that had been applied to the non-wooden parts of the wall.

The method of covering up, what is essentially, a flippin’ huge hole in the side of your house, is sometimes known as “shuttering”, for fairly obvious reasons.

This method is often employed in homes that are in the line of a big storm, or of course, after a storm when they have to board up the windows.

Here is a shot of the other gable end of the bungalow during major work.

applying render to wood with eml. Side one

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know this place needed some serious attention. Not a problem for our teams I assure you! 🙂

We can see in the photo, the scratch coat of render which was here when we arrived, but of course as you can see we had a large amount of blocked off bits of the elevation, which needed to have a new, more durable surface, before we could even think of applying and paint or coatings to.

We had to use a waterproof primer directly onto the marine ply boards across the wall.

Our team then had to apply metal sheets, what is known as EML, which is Expanded Metal Lath. This allows the wood to accept a coat of rendering.

We then rendered over the metal lath across the wall and allowed to dry.

So I guess you want to know what our hard work ended up like?

Ok, here you go, this is the first side we saw, fully repaired and weather protected with a very durable textured masonry coating by “Wetherby.”

Wethertex wall coatings have transformed this house

one side of painted house in wales
This wall surface won’t need repainting until the year 2025.

..and moving swiftly on, here is an image of the other end of the house, once again, fully repaired and painted with the UK’s best loved exterior wall coating system!

This exterior wall now looks as good as new

External wall covering on home in wales
You would never know that once upon a time half this wall was made of wood!

Of course we also had the more traditionally constructed parts of the bungalow to repair and paint, bringing the whole patchwork quilt that we found, together in one nice, uniform appearance, one that will last for years too.

Finally, here is the front of the bungalow, all nicely painted and good to go!

Front of rendered bungalow in Wales

So, dear reader, what do you think?

Looks nice doesn’t it?

We really love our work and we put 100% into each house that we work on, and as you can see, no job is too difficult for us, maybe your local painter and decorator wouldn’t agree as its too much hard work for him!

Our teams love a challenge and no house is ever presented to us that turn up, we suck our teeth, whistle “ooh thats gonna cost ya missus” and scribble an estimate on the back of a fag packet.

Maybe your local decorator does this?!

If you would like to learn more about our weatherproof wall covering system, suitable for more or less any house then please get in touch with us using the CONTACT button or call now on 0800 970 4928.

We speak to you first to see if our system is what you really need, and then we arrange a time to come and see you, and the house. We measure and survey (this is FREE), and then write a professional repair and fixed price house painting quotation, with no hidden surprises.

Try us out, call us today.

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