Storm damage at Dawlish, Damage to the railway tracks and road at Riviera Terrace and Sea lawn Terrace, Dawlish.

Why textured masonry protection paint is the best solution for coastal homes

If you live along our beautiful coastline you would be well aware that it’s a lovely place to be when the sun is shining but awful when the weather’s bad!

We show you how and why our masonry coating is the most long lasting thing to have on the exterior of your home if you live by the sea.

We highlight this with an example of work we did on the north kent coast

Houses located along Britain’s seaside are one of the most sought after in the country but that location, devoid of any weather protection, means each home can take a real battering when the weather is bad, causing in many cases, yearly painting of the exterior, but why?

When someone makes a decision to move to the coast, perhaps from a town inland, a certain amount of romance and adventure springs to mind.

For many people, making the move to the seaside is the best move they have ever made, but sooner or later, usually during winter, the honeymoon period ends and reality kicks in!

The problem with bad weather and living by the sea can be cured with our protective masonry coatings.

The big problem with living by the sea, if you can imagine living in such a lovely spot having any issues at all, is the bad weather that our shores are famous for.

It doesn’t do a seaward facing house any good.

This brings me on to the latest before and after house painting example, which was a lovely little place by the sea, on the Romney coast in East Kent.

The property was well maintained by the owner but despite using good quality masonry paint on the exterior walls, time after time, the wind driven rain just ripped the paint clean off the walls.


A house in littlestone on sea kent
A house in littlestone on sea kent needing wall repairs and a coat of very durable paint

As you can from the photo above, not only did the wind driven sea salt rip the paint off, it also caused water to enter the walls and cause cracks in the wall surface, all of which had to be repaired.

Repairing cracks in exterior rendered walls is an essential part of the masonry protection coating process, for if we did not do these repairs, the coating would not last.

Here is another shot from the lady’s back yard and it is worth noting that they had a good local decorator from Kent to paint these walls with a very good quality masonry paint and with the weather hitting it, the paint lasted LESS THAN A YEAR!

This house needed masonry protection that normal paint could not give

A back yard with a BBQ
As you can see, the masonry paint on this home didnt last more than one year


The owner didn’t need us to tell her that putting MORE masonry paint on the walls was not going to be an option, after all, she had the walls painted every single year, and each year the same thing happened.

Time for something more durable on the walls.

We visited the lady one sunny afternoon, at her request, and explained what had happened to her home and the steps we would take to remedy them.

We also assured her that a coat of textured masonry wall coverings, the sprayed-on variety, would solve her yearly house painting headache.

She was very pleased with the price quoted too.

In fact we showed her that over the coatings 20 year lifespan, she would actually SAVE a fair bit of money as she wouldn’t have to call out her local decorator, a nice chap from South Thanet, but of course he is nice as she gives him £1,500 each year to paint her home!

A coating of NEVER PAINT AGAIN means no more painting!

We got to work and started the process of repair and coating the external walls.

There is a lot of information on our website about HOW and WHAT we do when we apply our special wall coatings so without repeating myself, let’s have a look at how the finished job looks.

Here is a photo of the backyard we saw earlier. Looks better eh?


Back yard freshly painted
The back yard freshly painted and a massive change from the photo at the top of the page!


And of course this article would not be complete without us showing off what we did to the largest part of the exterior walls.

It is helpful to compare it with the photo of the before stage we posted earlier in this article.

A full repair process means the paint covering on this house will resist everything that the North Sea can throw at it.

A house in east kent with a durable weatherproof wall coating
The same house in east kent with a durable weatherproof wall coating

OK, we’re showing off now, but as you can guess, the owner was delighted.

A pity about her decorator not getting any more money, but there you go, that’s life!

The walls have a durable exterior wall coating which is up to 20 times the thickness of a normal paint film, meaning the house is now fully shielded from the weather and the paint will NOT crack or peel for up to 20 years.

NPA wall coverings come with a full guarantee too, and our service is available across the country.

Why not get in contact with the Never Paint Again team today.

There is no obligation, no fancy “sales talk”, just plain and simple good old fashioned value for money, but with the latest crop of exterior wall coating systems that go on and on protecting coastal homes across the UK.

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