Completion of exterior wall coating application on dorset bungalow

A FREE survey leads to a guaranteed exterior wall coating for this bungalow in Dorset

Having a house made weatherproof is one of the most important things you can do for your property and despite the ominous sounding name, suggesting months of expensive work, the truth could not be more different.

The owners of this bungalow in Dorset contacted us for a free survey and quotation.

They liked the price we have them, which was cheaper than our rivals, so the following month we applied this wall coating.

This large, extended bungalow in the town of Gillingham in Dorset, has recently had the full NEVER PAINT AGAIN weatherproofing process and it only took 4 days from start to finish.

Your home is, in most cases, the most important thing of value in your life, not just in monetary terms, but it’s value also encompasses the sense of place and safety for you and your family, something that is valuable enough to protect from whatever comes it’s way, usually in weather terms.

So here is a brief case study of us applying our weatherproof wall coating to a bungalow in Dorset.

So why is it important to protect a house from the weather?

The weather can do all sorts of nasty things to your home such as damp, mould, mildew, condensation, cracks, flaking paint, hollow rendering and so on, and it’s well known that putting masonry paint on the walls of your house will NOT protect it from the weather.

Our wall coatings WILL, and we guarantee them for 20 years, in writing.

So, what work did we do to this house?

As our wall coating system is designed to last a very long time, much longer than paint, we take a lot of time in preparation, carrying out repairs and so on, so once we apply our coating, by spray, it’s literally fused to the wall and isn’t going anywhere fast, for 2 decades.

(We are very confident of this and as we have been in business since 1986, we KNOW it works!)

Here is a photo of the side of the house showing the masking up on the windows, and the 1st coating, which is the primer.

Side of wall in Dorset

As far as condition, the house had been well looked after by it’s owners and required very little repair apart from one or two cosmetic areas, which meant we could start masking the windows and applying the primer without problems or delays.

The masking is a very important stage, it negates the chance of any mess or stray paint splats, plus it means the clean-up after painting is much easier, we just tear the paper off and there you go!

Here is the house masked up and after we applied the primer coating

Rear of house in Dorset ready for wall coating
Rear of house in Dorset ready for wall coating

As you can see here, with houses that are faced with blocks or bricks, our wall coating system keeps the character of the house so you can still see the bricks.

We do offer a service where we can totally change the outside, often with a coat of render beforehand, but that is something that costs a lot more to do, so we do like to give our clients as much choice as possible as to what they want their house to eventually look like.

Here is the front of the house ready to be sprayed with our coating.

Front of bungalow ready for the wall coating
Front of bungalow ready for the wall coating

The above photo neatly shows just how much time we spend wrapping your house up like a parcel ready to be taken the post office!

After we are happy that everything not to be painted is fully protected, we get our spray machine out of the truck and connect it up to an air compressor, whilst one of the team start to get the large drums of textured exterior wall coating mixture, ready to use.

We then carry out the quickest stage of the whole process, spraying the coating on, which goes onto the wall at 20 times the thickness of normal masonry paint, giving a luscious, clean and uniform finish across the whole property.

Our coatings are available in any particular colour you like.

Here is the finished and freshly painted house, guaranteed for 20 years not to fade, crack, chip or peel.

Completion of exterior wall coating application on dorset bungalow

Looks a darn site better than we first turned up eh?

One other thing that sets us apart from your local painter and decorator is the fact that as we use resin based coatings which do not freeze (like paint does), we can work during the winter. Or the British Spring (LOL!)

This house is now fully weather-protected, maintenance free and good for the next 2 decades, saving the owners a fortune in not having to repair or repaint their home.

This textured exterior wall coating service is available across mainland UK, only takes a few days, and it is not expensive, with prices starting from only £3,500 inc. VAT.

To find out more, contact us today by calling (0800) 970 4928 or click the CONTACT button and let’s talk!

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