Exterior house painting Middlesbrough with wethertex exterior protective wall coatings

An example of our exterior house painting, this time it’s in Middlesbrough, Teesside.

This semi detached house in Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, was at some point covered with pebbledash which had not fared well over the years, giving this otherwise well-kept property a shabby appearance.

The owners called us around to take a look and we agreed a price with them to carry out some external painting to brighten the place up, but we’re not like your normal Yorkshire based decorator, we do things a bit different!

We differ from the typical decorator as we don’t use paint. (!) We use an exterior wall coating product known as Wethertex, which outlasts masonry paint many times over and is applied by our teams using a spray machine.

We’ll run through a few things about the house and what we did to the property, and we’ve taken a couple of photos too, so you can see what we started with, and what we ended up with.

Exterior house painting in Middlesbrough using Wethertex long life exterior masonry wall coatings.

The house itself was in good condition internally and the gardens were very nice indeed but the owners knew that the pebbledash on the walls looked bad even though the job had only been done just a few years but already there were small cracks and much of the stones had fallen off.

Middlesbrough pebbledash close up

This left ugly bald areas, in various places on the exterior walls, as you can see above, and no masonry paint could ever cover such a textured surface as this.

In addition the walls had cracked over time, leaving ugly scars where repairs took place as everyone knows that old and new pebbledash will never ever match.

After taking a look at the many pebbledashed houses we have painted, the owners of this Tyne tees home decided to go for the Never paint Again system instead, which you may be surprised to learn is nowhere near as expensive as you may think.

The process involved in fixing this home up and applying an exterior wall coating.

The house before the work started looked like this.

A pebbledashed house in Middlesbrough about to be painted with an exterior wall coating

Not really very inspiring looking was it?

The very first day we started we took this photo and as you can see, we have taken the masking tape and paper out of the van ready to cover up the doors and windows.

This is a very important job as it contains any mess made by the spray.

We also laid dust sheets down on the paths, plus all the plants and bushes were carefully covered up too.

Comparing this house to the neighbours, you can tell why the homeowner wanted rid of the awful pebbledash

Middlesbrough semi with pebbledash exterior walls about to be transformed with a wall coating

We then set to work applying 2 different kinds of primer and stabiliser to the walls, by hand. The first coat is a cement slurry mix, with added PVA, which literally glues the stones onto the wall so they will never come off again.

We then applied an off-white primer, and allowed to dry overnight.

The next day we laid the dust sheets down again, connected the sprayer to the air compressor, and then sprayed the top coat onto the walls, giving a uniform finish across all the wall surfaces.

Spraying onto pebbledash is a much more effective way of adding colour to a pebbledashed house and far is easier than using a roller.

To finish it off, we painted the plinth at the bottom of the house in black, which complemented the cream colour on the walls.

We have several other colours available and you can see them by accessing the menu at the top of the page.

This house is now weather protected and will not need to be repainted for at least 20 years, guaranteed.

This project took 3 days to complete and was carried out in January 2020. Unlike traditional painters and decorators, we use resin-based, NOT water based, paints or coatings, meaning you can have your house exterior painted at any time of year, including in the winter.

What is the Never Paint Again system?

The NPA system is a house painting process using a specially formulated exterior wall coating like a very thick paint, however it has properties that masonry paint lacks, for example colour fastness.

The wall coating we apply to houses up and down the country doesn’t fade, in fact it’s guaranteed for 20 years to keep its colour.

Not only that, it stops damp, mould, mildew and condensation, and unlike paint, it doesn’t crack, peel or flake, meaning that once your home exterior is painted, you will not have to pay anyone at all to repaint it for 2 decades.

It is a service that requires special training and tools and cannot be offered by your local painter, it’s only available through us.

Weatherproofing is vitally important considering the sometimes challenging Teesside weather and weather protection is NOT provided by masonry paint so investing in an external wall coating for your house is a wise move.

Our wall coatings also cut wind chill and cold internal walls, meaning that this breathable coating will start to lower your heating bills after only the first winter, saving you even more money in the long term.

Please speak to us if you would like more information. There’s no obligation to buy and no sales patter either, we’re straight-talking Yorkshiremen through and through.

Here is the “after” image again!

Please get in contact with us if you would a price for a wall coating on your home.

Exterior house painting Middlesbrough with wethertex exterior protective wall coatings

Project carried out by: The Never Paint Again Wall Coating Co., Unit 2, Dolly Lane Business Centre, Dolly Lane, Leeds, Yorkshire, LS9 7NN.

For a free estimate to paint YOUR house in or around Yorkshire, give us a call on Free phone (0800) 970 4928

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