front of house in criccieth wales with a wall coating now installed

We gave this customer a new weatherproof finish for their exterior walls! No more flaking paint ever!

When houses are painted, normally not much thought goes into protecting the house from the weather, and this property, in Criccieth, Wales, showed us only too well how normal masonry paint offers zero protection against the weather.

The finish on the outside of your house at present could be rendered, maybe brick, or even covered in that “Marmite” of finishes, Pebbledash!

This house had a painted pebbledashed exterior wall finish, which required yearly painting to stop the masonry paint from literally falling off.

You can imagine that a house this size, to have it repainted each year, or at best, every 2 years, was not only money down the drain, it was hassle for the homeowners too.

Here is how we transformed this detached home in Wales, with a new exterior wall finish, courtesy of Wethertex.

The problem with most houses that have painted exterior walls is the fact that no matter what brand of masonry paint is used, it will only ever last at most a couple of years before you have to have the house repainted again.

The proven properties of the NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall finish system is the fact that once it is applied to a house by our teams, it will not need to be repainted for at least 20 years!

That is guaranteed too: 2 decades of hassle free living.

The owners of this house had been busy renovating it, with the addition of a couple of new extensions, which obviously stuck out like a sore thumb against the older parts of the house.

ront of house before work and showing new extension

The photo above shows part of the initial wall preparation works, mainly removing the old and flaking paint from the older part of the house, much of which you can now see on the floor.

Once this is completed, we check the walls around the house for cracks or areas of loose render, and then carry out a full repair programme to any bad areas of the wall.

Here we see the rear of the house before we started work on the walls

rear of house with flaking paint

You can clearly see the poor condition of the paint on the walls.

Bear in mind they only had it painted, by a local decorator, about 2 years ago, and already the paint has gone “green” and is holding moss and mildew, the upper floors clearly show this.

No decorating company worth their salt would apply paint to this wall just yet.

We have to powerwash the whole house to get rid of any nastiness, as indicated in the previous photo.

Exterior wall coating work in progress…..

front of house having new paint


Once we have done all the cleaning and the repairs, the mask up the doors and windows and lay dust sheets on the floor to avoid any mess, in fact we are very clean workers indeed and our customers leave reviews saying just that!

We then apply a primer across the whole house and allow to dry.

Walls in particularly bad condition often get 2 primer coats before the top coat is applied.

We then set up our spray machine, mix the large drums of coating and then spray apply our exterior wall coating system to the whole house.

The gable end wall, or “pine end” in Wales, caught a lot of the weather, including the chimney which was letting damp into the house and down the chimney breast indoors.

This photo shows how the weather was literally ripping the old paint off the wall.

flaking painted pebbledash wall

Our house painting service is designed to be long term, so once we complete the work we do not have to return and repaint for 20 years and that comes with a no hassle guarantee.

We work all over England Wales by the way.

A summary of the main benefits of having a NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall finish instead of paint.

  • You can have your house exterior painted at ANY time of year, including winter.
  • Your assigned team are skilled, professional tradesmen and nothing is too much trouble for them.
  • Our transparent pricing policy means no hidden costs ever
  • Once a wall coating is applied to your home, you will not need to have any more exterior painting done for 20 years
  • All workmanship and materials come with a guarantee direct from the contractor
  • Our system, unlike paint, STOPS DAMP in all cases.
  • This service is available across England and Wales via our network of trusted traders.
  • Our competitive prices mean that you will SAVE MONEY, both in the long and short term, by having this system applied to your home.
  • Most jobs take less than a week. This property took 5 days in winter, during fairly poor weather.
  • The external wall finish on your home will NOT crack, fade, chip or peel, for 2 decades.

Having your house painted with normal masonry paint will not give you any of the above benefits.

Here we see a side of the house which now has a beautiful new paint scheme, one that lasts over 20 years

another view after wall coating completed

Once the wall coating procedure is completed,  the team remove all the masking paper, dustsheets etc and do a very thorough clean of the whole site. No mess is ever left.

Once the work is completed, the team supervisor then asks for the final payment.

The guarantee is sent to you within 28 days after completion, often sooner.

Here is the rear of the house looking spic and span with it’s new exterior wall finish.

rear of house from garden with new wall coating

How much does it cost and how to I apply for a quote?

That’s the easy bit.

There are various ways to get hold of us, but the easiest is to either give us a call on FREEphone 0800 970 4928 or send the team an email here

All quotes are free and without pressure selling!

We can quote a price “virtually” during the pandemic, by video calls, etc, in fact the whole project can be arranged from start to finish virtually.

Please include a contact phone number when you email us, quotes cannot be arranged via email only.

If you decide to become a customer of ours, and we hope you do, our workers do NOT need access to the inside of the house and we work safely and use social distancing, masks, sanitiser etc, when we work.


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