DIY paint tins and paint brushes on newspaper

Is trade paint for decorators, better quality than DIY paint?

If you are planning a decorating job this year, which type of paint should you choose? Will you go with trade-only paint, or the paint that’s readily available in your DIY store? Is there a difference between the two types, even paints by the same brand?

a painter and decorator

10 really fascinating things you never knew about paint

Paint! So you think you know what it is, how’s it’s made, where it’s used and all the different types? Perhaps not! In this handy “all about” article, we look at paint, and suggest ten things that you probably didn’t know about this amazing stuff!

Hard of hearing deaf man

Noisy neighbours, soundproofing and acoustic controls

Does noise bother you? Whether we live in a house or an apartment, noise, from neighbours or nearby businesses, can ruin not only our sleep, but our daily lives too. We discuss and explain solutions for soundproofing houses and flats in a sustainable way, to provide a better quality of life for us all.

tony blair

2005 prices for exterior house painting in 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the outside of your house painted this year, but only pay the same price as we were charging in 2005? That would be good wouldn’t it? Well, it’s TRUE!

a to z of wall coatings

Wall coatings 101: The A to Z of paints and exterior coatings

As an exterior wall coating is a paint product but not actually paint (!) we try as best as we can to describe what the system actually is, and its benenfits, to the general public. Quite often people don’t want to spend hours reading, they want quick answers, so here are some for you!

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