semi professional painter using trade paint on a wall

Top tips for your DIY and home improvement project

Top time and money saving tips and ideas that you can use to maintain and protect your home right away, even if you are a DIY novice, we’ll show you how. All info sourced from the public domain and hand edited by a qualified surveyor. In 30 years working in the UK building trade we’ve...Continue reading

workers accident

Home safety tips for both your family, and your local builder

There’s nothing more satisfying than watching your house be repaired, painted or improved in some way, when workmen come around to carry out home improvements but for the unwary, there are risks involved, but there are many ways to avoid any incidents. When workmen and builders come around to carry out home improvements, if they...Continue reading

Starting your painting project

Why does masonry paint peel and crack?

There is nothing worse than taking a lot of time and effort decorating a room in your home, or even outside, only for the paint to crack, forcing you to do it again, or even give up and call a tradesman in to do it properly, but WHY does this happen? Similarly, if you had...Continue reading

Wall coating team working in the Costa Blanca

How to DIY fix the most common household problems

No matter how hard you try and keep your home in good condition, from time to time, niggling problems occur, so we are going to show you to how fix 6 of them. The thing is, people enjoy their houses when everything is going well and there is nothing to do, but if you stop...Continue reading

DIY paint tins and paint brushes on newspaper

Is trade paint for decorators, better quality than DIY paint?

If you are planning a decorating job this year, which type of paint should you choose? Will you go with trade-only paint, or the paint that’s readily available in your DIY store? Is there a difference between the two types, even paints by the same brand?

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