exterior protective wall coatings on a house in the wirral

Applying a textured exterior wall coating on a semi in the Wirral, Merseyside, providing a paint finish that lasts over 20 years

We love getting out and about and meeting new customers so it was a delight to work for the couple who owned this lovely Semi-detached home on the Wirral, Merseyside.

We put together this page, with some photos, to show you the type of work we carry out each and every week.

No two jobs are ever the same and each one has it’s own challenges and rewards, the reward for us being the satisfaction of a job well done, and two very happy home owners!

So without further ado, let’s have a quick look at the work we did up in Merseyside.

Case study: Painting the outside of a house in the Wirral with a textured exterior wall coating.

Can you remember the last time you had YOUR house painted?

I am guessing that it was not long ago?

I can also guess it won’t be long until you have to pay a decorator AGAIN to repaint it?

This customer in Merseyside got fed up of that, so he asked us to apply our long life 20 year lifespan external wall coating, meaning he will (almost) never have to paint again!.

Here is the front of the house before we started work.

A house on the wirral badly in need of exterior decorating

OK, I’ll be polite. It doesn’t look great does it?!

To be fair they had not owned the house that long and our wall coating work was but one home improvement of many they had completed or had planned for this home.

After unpacking the van and putting our stuff out of the way and in a safe place, we powerwashed the walls to get rid of all the flaky paint.

This is essential to our 5 stage process where each stage has to be done “by the book” before we can carry on to the next stage.

This is how we can get the best finish for any external walls.

Repairing the rendering on the outside walls

This photo, taken down the side of the house, shows up replacing render that had become hollow and had detached from the bricks below.

Side of house in wirral having render repair

You can also see evidence of a repair (differing textures) where a window had been replaced,

Once this was done, we masked up the windows, applied a primer and then sprayed our weatherproof wall coating onto the house.

Here is what the side of the house looks like now the render has been repaired and we have applied the textured coating

side of wirral home with repairs done and new paint


A HUGE change in the appearance and as you can see, the repaired areas are totally hidden and nobody would ever know that a large chunk of the wall had been taken off and replaced.

The replaced window now blends in much better with the rest of the house.

We re-painted the pipes black after this picture was taken.

Here is the “before” photo of the back of the house

The rear wasn’t in too bad a condition, in fact this was probably the best side of the house before we started. There was just a bit of mould hanging around and a few minor cracks to attend to.

Rear of wirral house before painting


For comparison, here is a photo of the rear of the house once we had applied a thick coating of the NEVER PAINT AGAIN masonry house painting system.

This is a system that is applied by spray and is 20 times the thickness of normal paint.

This is what the rear of the house looks like with an exterior wall coating applied to it

Rear of house in Wirral after painting


What a pity the sun had gone in!

These walls will now repel any rainwater and any weather, meaning it will not need to be painted or repaired for 20 years, guaranteed.

In a world of fake news, you can be assured that this really will last over 20 years and any issues at all over the next 20 years, however unlikely, would be addressed promptly and without question.

So what does the front of our Merseyside home look like with our NEVER PAINT AGAIN masonry coating system?

A bit like this!

Never paint again wall coatings, the finished product, on a house on the wirral

Looks lovely doesn’t it? Like something off a glossy magazine cover! Suburban bliss!

So as you can see our work is very meticulous and thorough, not just here in Merseyside, but all across the country.

This house has now been made maintenance free, and has a 20 year written guarantee that no repairs and no painting will need to be done, and as we have been in business since 1986, we issue each textured masonry coatings warranty with 100% confidence.

Why not get in touch and ask us how much a textured wall coating system would cost to have it on the outside of your house?

Contact us today by calling (0800) 970 4928 or click HERE to email the team.

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