side of house after crack repair

If your house has a problem with cracks like this place in Warrington, we can fix it

In the latest project, we were asked to repair a house in Warrington, Cheshire, that had some very nasty cracks down the side of the house.

Our teams had some major repair work to attend to, before we could apply a textured exterior wall coating to the outside, with added flexibility so as to not see those cracks ever again!

We decided to put together this project page to show you a few stages of the typical preparation and application of an exterior textured coating, a special wall covering that resists cracking, and why the owners chose this method and not just normal external paint.

If paint had been used, the sort of paints like you buy in the shops and which would have been cheaper, the property would have required yearly repairs to those cracked areas and repainting too!

In the long run these home owners are going to save a lot of money, quite simply due to the fact they do not have to have these defects repaired all the time, which was the case before we arrived.

This is a good example of what we can do if your house has cracked walls.

One of the first things our surveyor noticed when he came to price up the work was of course the huge cracks down the side of the building.

These may have been caused by settlement as the house had been extended a few times.


Severe cracks on house walls
Severe cracks on house walls


On houses that have been extended, cracks can sometimes appear between the two sections of house, old and new.

This can be a variety of reasons, sometimes different brick or blocks being used have different levels of expansion and contraction which oppose each other, causing undue force, which forms a crack in the wall as you can see here.

We had to cut the cracks out with an angle grinder, and then deep filled the crevices with a super strong epoxy resin mortar, like a sort of mix of a chemical mortar and super glue for houses! These 2 sections wall are now going nowhere!

You can see these major cracks have been fixed by “welding” the 2 sides of wall around the crack with an epoxy resin mortar.

The side of house showing cracks
The side of house showing cracks


Once both ourselves and the homeowner were happy that the repairs had been done to a good standard, we then covered the windows the masking tape and brown paper, as you can see, and then we started on the wall coating process, and applied the primer coat.

You can see where the cracks in the walls were at this stage


side of repaired house with wall coating primer
The side of repaired house with wall coating primer


The primer is a very important stage in the whole textured wall coating system because if the preparation is not done correctly.

This applies to any paint job, the finished result will not look so good and it will not last the full term of the NEVER PAINT AGAIN 20 year warranty so of course it is in our interest to get it right first time.

Here is a close up of the repaired areas.

You can see the shadow of the crack repair under the primer.

That will completely vanish once the top coat goes on.


After crack repair and primer. See how we matched the repairs in to the wall?
After crack repair and primer. See how we matched the repairs in to the wall?


Now the house is ready for us to apply the special weatherproof textured wall coatings we are so well known for!

This means that after all the prep work is done, we set up our air powered spraying machine, mix the tubs of wall coating we need and then off we go!

The spraying stage is by far the quickest bit, and once the weather-resistant wall covering goes on, it takes a while to dry but then forms a flexible and hard wearing external wall surface that the weather cant beat!

Here is a close up of the same elevation, but this time, with the wall coating on it, and the cracks now cannot be seen.


side close up after textured coating
The side close up after textured coating


The walls will NOT crack again, and the paint finish will look just as good as this, for the next TWENTY years, fully guaranteed.

In addition, our exterior wall coating system will not fade, crack, chip or peel, and that comes with the reassurance of a written 20 year guarantee.

To find out how much this long lasting masonry coating paint would cost on your property, give us a ring on 0800 970 4928.

All quotes are free and without obligation to buy so send us an email for a house painting quote today.

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