front of house in Leek with new never paint again exterior wall coating

An example of exterior wall renovation and refurbishment for this home in Leek, Staffordshire

There comes a time in the lifespan of a house where a lick of paint just isn’t good enough.

Time, and the weather, will wreak havoc on the walls of your home, creating problems and issues only an experienced tradesman would be able to find, and fix.

This page shows us working on a property in Leek, Staffordshire, which needed a full exterior wall renovation and refurbishment to bring it back to life.

The problem with getting the outside of your own house painted with normal masonry paint is the fact that it doesn’t actually last very long, maybe 2 years at best.

The exterior textured protective coatings we use, and what we used on this house, are specially engineered to last over 20 years, and that comes with a guarantee too.

This is how we transformed, weatherproofed and painted a house in Staffordshire, with Wethertex MP44 wall coatings


front of house in Leek before wethertex wall coating

Compare the house above with the photo at the top of this page! Hardly seems like the same house doesn’t it?

We had to carry out a small amount of repairs to the render, mainly patches around the new UPVC windows, a common problem when having new windows fitted.

We then masked up the doors and windows to avoid mess, and then painted on a cement bonded primer coating across the whole house, to act a stabiliser.

Once this has been completed and allowed to dry, we then hand-applied a waterproof primer, ready for the sprayed top coat.

This elevation shows the wall being treated with primer

side of house with primer and ready to have a sprayed wall coating applied

As you can see with all the brown paper and dust sheets, we make very little mess, in fact once the work is completed, we leave your home and surroundings cleaner then when we arrived.

Unlike many tradesmen, we remove ALL waste, mess, packaging and such like, from your home after works are completed.

We’ve yet to have anyone complain about our work!

Here is what the rear of the house looked like after painting

ear of house in leek with a new wethertex wall coating

Unfortunately we don’t have the “before” picture for this side so you’ll have to imaging it looking all dull and grey!

You may also note that the bushes and foliage around the house were also protected from the work, so if you have a nice garden, don’t worry about having work done to your home, we take care of everything.

The benefits of having our company paint your house over a local decorator

  • All quotes prepared on headed paper, NOT the back of a cigarette packet
  • Service available 12 months of the year, NOT just summer time
  • A full range of textures and colours available, NOT just what your decorator can get cheap from the car boot sale.
  • Dedicated and friendly customer service helpline, 7 days a week, NOT  garbled phone call from a mobile when he’s up a ladder
  • Products used are accredited by the BBA and pass all building regulations.
  • Nationwide service in England and Wales, NOT just your local town
  • Experience since 1986, NOT experience since last Tuesday (!) when he bought a van and some paint brushes from a mate
  • Fully approved and experienced to work on historic and listed buildings
  • Wall coatings guaranteed for 20 years to NOT fade, crack, chip or peel, unlike masonry paint.
  • Hundreds of references from previous clients available upon request
  • All jobs have full project management, something your decorator cannot do.

To enquire about how much this costs to have on your house, call us today on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email here

Review left by this customer after we had finished work.

(From google maps)

I write this review to reassure all potential customers of ‘Never Paint Again’ Both the product and the workmanship is outstanding and it has totally transformed our bungalow .

We had a team led by Carl, assisted by Craig, Richard and Nick , all of whom ,worked exceptionally hard in order to achieve a perfect job.. they did so in a professional and respectful manner .

I have no hesitation in recommending this company and the wall covering product that they use .

P Burrows Staffordshire Moorlands

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