Never paint again exterior wall coating now protecting this house in ross on wye

A durable exterior wall coating for this house in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire

This house in Ross on Wye, Herefordshire needed painting every year, but not any more, with the never paint again wall coating system it’s good for the next 20 years, guaranteed.

This page runs through the process we use to repair, weatherproof and paint a house with our long life durable painting system.

The house was in fairly good condition apart from some areas of render that had become hollow and detached from the brick beneath.

Unlike a painter and decorator, we take care of all problem areas before we paint.

Repairing and weatherproofing a house in Ross on Wye.

This was the general state of the wall and the render on the day we started.

The uneven wall is ideal for the thick textured wall coatings we use as it hides all kinds of scars, bodged DIY and other blemishes.

ross on wye house showing poor rendering

The main focus of our work is to make your house completely weathertight, waterproof and back to being in good condition, for a job that lasts and lasts.

Which is why we take a lot of time doing preparation and repairs to each house we paint, meaning that once the team waves goodbye, you won’t need to pay anyone else to come and paint the house for 2 decades and that is guaranteed.

Once we started to look closer there were several areas of bad render we had to deal with.

side wall of house having rendering repaired

Looking at the photo above not only did we find a lot of flaking paint, which had to be removed, bigger problems appeared once we looked closer.

Upon further investigation, we also found several large cracks, which had let water in and broken the rendering.

The wall had been re-rendered (badly) in the past few years, and as it was done by a “cowboy builder” it failed and did not last the many years the repair should have lasted.

We had to fix the bad cracks and then replace the render, which you can see in the photo below

repaired render on side wall

Here we can see the wall having had its repair, and if you choose us to renovate the exterior of your house this year, we take the same level of expertise along to every job we do.

So if your local decorator looked at your house and started crying before walking away, call us instead.

The repairs will not show through the coating once it is applied to your home.

Here we can see the same wall, but masked up and with a primer applied.

pine end wall repaired and in primer ready for wall painting

You can see that the repairs matched in to the old wall perfectly and they are now hidden from sight.

This process gets repeated all round the house, paying special attention to making sure the property is completely free of defects, something your local painter and decorator would not care about. But we do.

With any exterior wall renovation, doing the job correctly first time around (something the previous decorating company did not do) is by far the way forward, and our happy customers would agree with that too.

The final stage is to spray the wall with our durable wall coating system.

ide wall just after spraying wethertex wall coating

Then once that is done to the whole house, we clean the spray machine and put it safely back in its home in the van, and then we start to carefully remove the masking paper and clean away any mess left over.

Unlike other tradesmen, we fully clean your home exterior and surroundings before we lave and no mess or waste is ever left on site.

Apart from your fabulous looking house, you would never know we had had been there for a week!

Here is the same end wall as the previous images, but now finished and looking good

side wall with wethertex wall coating

This house now has a protective paint coating on it and we guarantee that for the next 20 years it will not fade, crack, chip or peel, and will stop damp, mould and mildew.

We know our system works as we say as we have done the very same thing up and down the country since 1986.

All our products undergo independent accelerated weather testing, so a 20 year guarantee is conservative, these coatings can last longer than that in some cases.

Here is the other end of the house, which had the same wall coating treatment

other side with new wall coating

The whole house was sprayed with our wall coating system and now the homeowner does need to have anyone around to repaint for 2 decades, now that’s what I call peace of mind!

It wasn’t all plain sailing though, we had this very tight area to work in


rear passageway with new wall coating paint

The whole job took around 5 days in good weather, the customers were delighted with the work.

When we work on your home unlike a local general builder, we don’t juggle a few jobs at once; we arrive on day one and completely focus on the task in hand, renovating your home, as asked by you, to your specification, texture and colour.

We also carry out alterations as pat of the work if required, such as removing or replacing windows, fascia boards, gutters, basically anything that needs doing to your home exterior, we can do.

To get a FREE survey of your home, and a competitive quotation from us, please call us today on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email here.

We cover the whole of England and Wales.

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