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Spring into summer by having the outside of your house freshly painted!

If you are one of those people like me who dreads the yearly onslaught of winter, the cold and wet weather, the dark evenings and the general gloominess, spring time can’t come around sooner.

Springtime is also the ideal time to get the outside of your house painted, and here is why.

The winter can wreak havoc on the condition of the house exterior and quite often the first inspection reveals the house may actually need far more than just a lick of paint.

If the house doesn’t look so good now, getting an appraisal of it’s general condition could be an efficient precursor to contacting a reputable painting contractor with some first-hand knowledge of what the house needs.

If you can convey to your decorator exactly what it is you want doing to the property, it’s going to be far easier to get that person out to give you a quote for house painting.

So with that borne in mind, maybe this year your spring cleaning schedule should include spring painting too?

Here are some good reasons to get your house painted in springtime.

Painting in spring will help your house recover quickly from any damage or deterioration that may have occurred during the harsh winter weather.

The signs of winter damage can easily be seen with flaking and peeling paint, green mould on the walls, and if you are unlucky, cracks which require attention.

Get the exterior house painting done first before any other outside work starts.

This is especially true if you have bushes or plants around the bottom of the house.

Any damage or paint splats which occur doing painting can easily be remedied by trimming or pruning the plants before the growth season.

how to paint a pebbledashed house

This is especially true with lawned areas as if you get some paint on the grass, big deal (!) it’ll be cut in a few weeks and no one will ever know.

The early bird catches the worm.

If you wait until summer time, when companies like us are very busy and fully booked up with customers, you may not get your house painted when you want, or even at all.

You may be faced with waiting until late in the year, or be faced with the tough choice of choosing a less than professional painter and decorator who may or may not do a satisfactory paint job on the house anyway, so be warned.

In addition do you really want workmen around when it’s high summer, kids off school and you want to be outside enjoying the garden, not listening to a builder’s radio or to the “bang bang!” of loose pebbledash or blown render being hacked off the wall and chucked into a skip?

Rear of Bristol house ready to apply exterior wall coating

House painting should be done during the ideal temperature: Not too warm, not too cold.

When paint is applied to your house walls, its obviously in liquid form, so the solvents or emulsifiers within the paint need to evaporate, leaving the surface with a brand new paint finish, but the length of time it takes the paint to dry often depends on the climatic conditions at the time.

Painting your house in winter means the paint could take a long time to dry and would result in many cases, with a poor finish.

Painting in the middle of summer often means the paint dries very quickly, too quickly, which can cause “shadows” or patchy areas on the wall, which ends up with an awful paint job.

From the decorators point of view, and I speak with experience, you really don’t want to paint a wall a light colour such as white or cream, with the sun shining on the wall.

You could wear sunglasses, but as my specialism is spraying paint, glasses become impractical to wear.

The springtime has (usually) the ideal conditions in the UK to be able to carry out a good exterior paint job.

Of course if you have a normal decorator using masonry paint, this contains water, so you need to be absolutely sure it’s not going to rain, or you could see that paint that is supposed to be on the wall, on the floor instead.

As we are not your normal decorator, we don’t use rollers or brushes, we use a spraying machine to apply our special wall coatings.

Never Paint Again exterior wall coatings are a house painting system that uses resin-based products and therefore can be applied even during bad weather, in fact using this system, your house can be painted at any time of year, even in winter!

The benefit in using this system is that it not only decorates to a high standard virtually any type of house, it also weatherproofs it and protects it from damp, mould and mildew too.

To find out more about a wall coating for your house, call NPA on (0800) 970 4928.

Their house painting system is available across all of England and Wales through a network of vetted and expert tradesmen.

Their work also comes with a 20 year guarantee.

Painting exterior pebbledash with a textured wall coating

Think of the kerb appeal.

If you plan to put your house in the market this year then getting the exterior sorted during springtime means that when summer comes,  your property will be looking its best!

Regardless of that, don’t you want to be able to come home every day during the rest of the year, look at your house as you walk up the garden path and feel a sense of pride and say to yourself,  “wow! I live here!”.

How to get your house painted in Springtime.

The first thing you should do is to select 3 companies to come out and give you a quote.

Be sure to make ourselves one of those quotes by calling us on 0800 970 4928.

It is essential, or at least good financial management, to get a quote not an estimate.

The difference between an estimate to have your house painted, and a house painting quote, is the fact that an estimate is exactly that: An estimation, or a guess, as to what it may cost.

An experienced property painter would give a guide price which should not deviate too far from the eventual cost, however if during the work they find something bad that needs repairing, maybe a whole wall of hollow rendering or pebbledash, then that means the price will go up quite sharply and could be something that breaks your budget.

Seasonal decorating can be successful if a bit of planning goes into it.

Getting a quote to have the outside of your house painted means you get a fixed house painting price, often in writing, meaning that no matter what happens, you have the reassurance of paying exactly what the contractor told you it would cost and not a penny more.

To obtain a fixed price quote, in writing, from ourselves, to have the outside of your house renovated and painted, either call us on 0800 970 4928, or click the link to contact us by email.

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