Front of house in Bristol before work started

What is best for painting exterior walls; spray, brush or roller?

Painting the entire exterior wall surface of a the average British house is for most people an awful and daunting proposition. Most DIY enthusiasts usually attempt it only once unless they are very proficient at exterior decorating, they have an awful lot of time on their hands, or they simply enjoy visiting the hospital after...Continue reading

close up damaged bricks on house

Exterior brick wall re-pointing the easy way

Many houses around the UK are constructed from brick and they have been used for building houses, bridges, churches, schools, and more or less most other buildings, since the Roman times. Bricks come in different shapes and sizes, different densities, and each type is manufactured for different and specific uses.

mold and damp on a house wall and floor

The effects of damp in houses and how to solve the problem

Does your house suffer from damp?  Are the inside walls frequently wet? Are there any patches of black mould inside? Do you and your family suffer from asthma or get colds frequently? Do you spend a lot on heating your home? Does your house smell damp and musty?

person holding a bottle of cleaner and a rubber glove

How to clean your exterior textured wall coating the correct way

Although exterior wall coatings and some exterior masonry paints are technically self cleaning, houses next to busy roads can pick dirt up over time. Here is how to clean the outside walls of your house in the professional way, and with minimal equipment or knowledge.

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