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The best exterior masonry paint wasn’t good enough for this house in Ely, Cambridgeshire

Let me tell you that the best home improvement you could ever do to your house is to protect your walls.

Protection from what though?

Masonry paint won’t offer protection, it is purely decorative, but what if there was a way to decorate the house exterior, but with added insulation and weather protection thrown in?

Well there is a way, it is NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coatings, and this page shows you but one example, in Ely, Cambridgeshire, of the process involved in applying this amazing long life and durable painting system.

This page shows an example of our exterior wall coating system being installed on a house in Cambridgeshire.

The owners were frustrated in having to have the exterior painted every 2 years, along with the hassle of the house being covered in scaffolding.

They wanted a longer term approach, an exterior paint finish that would not only look good, and stay looking good, but an exterior paint scheme that would last, saving them a fair bit of money.

That is the big problem with even the best masonry paints: they only offer decoration, whereas our system offers protection as well as decoration.

rear of house before wall coating works

The photo above can be contrasted with the image right at the start of this article, a typical “before and after” shot, but how did we get to this stage?

Unlike your “normal” painter and decorator, not just here in Cambridgeshire, we don’t just turn up, open a can of paint, and splash it on the wall.

We differ in many ways, one of which is the sheer amount of prep work and repairs we do to every house we work on.

In normal times, you would have to get a builder in to carry out repairs such as rendering or damp proofing, and only after that, you would get a local decorator in to paint.

What utter hassle. Especially if you stick to getting 3 quotes for each part of the work, meaning 6 different tradesmen coming round, if they all bother to turn up in the first place.

You can clearly see in the photo above that we had to carry out quite a lot of repair to the rendering, which had suffered from cracking.

The house had a variety of different exterior wall surfaces which had to be made good

(as you can see, although we work across the UK, we always use LOCAL scaffolding contractors)

side and gable of house showing textured rendering

The majority of the walls had previously been covered with what is commonly known as scored render, or rough stucco, a method you may also have seen if you have visited Mediterranean countries, although this method is often used in hot countries.

This is because over there, as the render, once applied to the wall, dries or “goes off” too quickly in the heat to get a smooth finish so they just end up using their trowel to score or draw patterns into the surface.

This was done to this house, I would suggest, through a lack of skill or pure laziness.

This gable end was faced in brick, which needed a different approach to the main house

gable end before painting

We had to seal the brickwork by applying a cement slurry undercoat and allowing to dry.

We then hand applied a weatherproof primer coating, which stabilises the surface ready for the long life topcoat to be applied.

All the houses we paint in Cambridgeshire get the same thorough attention to detail, which is one reason why our paint system lasts so long.

Here is the finished gable end, taken as the evening drew in

front and side with never paint again wall coating in evening


How do our wall coatings protect your walls?

The main difference between a wall coating and masonry paint is the fact that it has been specially designed to last a very long time.

Whereas paint, usually made by huge multinational corporations is solely designed for decoration, and for that fact they want you to come back every couple of years and buy more!

A “never paint again” wall coating will….

  • Never fade, crack, chip or peel.
  • Will stop damp, mould and mildew from appearing
  • Will eliminate “wind chill” making the inside of your house warmer, and lower heating bills.
  • Stops the need for costly annual repainting of the outside
  • Will resist everything the weather can throw at it, including snow, frost, pollution etc.
  • ….is self cleaning and requires no maintenance
  • Conceals walls in poor condition and hides bodged DIY repairs.
  • Will stop erosion, especially in isolated and coastal locations
  • Our exterior wall coatings are suitable for more or less any house
  • Ideal for listed buildings and architect approved
  • Our products are guaranteed for 20 years

Is it safe to get your company to paint my house during covid times?

We want to reassure you that each step of the process, from contacting us for a quote for an exterior wall coating, to us visiting to measure up and give you a competitive price, to the men turning up to do the work itself.

Each stage mentioned above is completely SAFE, we minimise contact with you, we wear masks and PPE, in fact you can arrange the whole project via email and video call if required.

When the men turn up to do the work, they do not need close contact with you, nor do they need to enter your home.

We work outside and you are under no risk whatsoever.

This service is available to you no matter where you live in mainland UK, we have someone near you who can help. We are classed by the government as essential key workers and are legally allowed to visit your home.

To get a FREE quotation and an appraisal of the condition of your home, call us FREE on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email here.


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