front of bungalow in Cornwall with wethertex wall coatings

Textured render wall coatings for this bungalow in Truro, Cornwall means no more painting for 20 years, guaranteed.

Yet another home in Cornwall, fully repaired and weatherproofed by the Plymouth wall coating installation team.

This house will be maintenance free for the next 2 decades. Our NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior textured masonry wall coating system does not fade, crack, chip or peel, and that is guaranteed.

Let’s take a quick look at what we did to this house, and maybe afterwards you might like to contact us to find out how much this would cost to be applied to your home?

Repairing a bungalow with poor render, and applying a Wethertex wall coating.

Unlike your traditional painter and decorator, we carry out a full repair programme to your walls before even opening a can of paint.

The attention to detail can be seen in the image below, which shows how we mask up and protect the doors and windows to not make any mess, plus we professionally carry out wall repairs and replacement needed for render that has become hollow, which can be a trap for damp.

Front of truro bungalow in masking and repaired

If you employ a painter and decorator to renovate your house exterior, all they will do is PAINT, and that’s it.

That may sound quite reasonable, but remember, he’ll be back again in a couple of years as masonry paint doesn’t last that long, especially in places that are subject to harsh weather conditions.

Our teams carry out a full programme of repairs to the walls, such as fixing cracks, stopping damp and replacing poor condition render.

It’s a waste of time and (your) money painting onto a wall that has problems.

Remember the old phrase “papering over the cracks”?

That is what your local decorator does as he or she does not want the paint job to last, they WANT to be back in 2 years, and get more money off you. Hassle eh?

Because we take time on the details and with repairs, our house painting system will last 2 DECADES and that is guaranteed.

You can clearly see that this house needed a lot of repairs to the render

render repairs to truro bungalow

If your house needs repairs to the render, it is essential to get this done before applying any type of paint whatsoever, and the repairs we do will NOT show up through the wall coating paint we apply.

You would never know the house was in such a poor state of repair.

Once the house is in good order, the team leader will walk around with you at that stage, to show you the repairs we have done and to make sure you are happy before we proceed to the next stage.

We then hand-apply a primer coat onto the wall and allow to dry.

We then set up our spraying machine, mix the coating ready, and then spray the exterior wall coating system onto the walls.

After this is done we remove the masking paper and do a very thorough clean up, although we work methodically and don’t create much in the way of mess, especially considering this is a major exterior refurbishment of your home and NOT a quick lick of paint.

The benefits of having a NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating over masonry paint.

The main benefit to having this house painting system on your home is the fact that it lasts for over 20 years.

We’ve been doing this sort of thing since 1986 so we know it works.

And in a world where the internet turns up a lot of bulls*** we can PROVE the system works as the materials are subject to advanced weathering tests in an independent testing facility.

We are a Covid safe company and the whole thing can be arranged “virtually”.

When anyone from our company visits your house we wear masks and use hand sanitiser.

We don’t need to come into close proximity with anyone in your household, plus if you do choose us to work on your home, our teams are safely outside and need no access to the inside of the house.

Our coatings STOP DAMP, and they do not fade, crack, chip or peel, and that comes with a 20 year written guarantee.

Our service is available across mainland UK.

A quote from us is completely FREE and without obligation.

We even pay for the phone call (0800) 970 4928

The thing with needing your house painted is knowing who to trust.

It is often best to read online reviews when choosing a wall coating company, plus ask friends and family if they know someone who has had the process done.

Literally anyone can call themselves a painter and decorator, plus reviews can be bought by unscrupulous decorators to make them seem better than they really area, and we’ve seen competitors do this. (mentioning no names)

If you read reviews that seem full of technical knowledge and terms, obviously optimised for search engines, they are fake and should be avoided.

Most average size wall coating companies carry out around 100 jobs per year.

If you are reading about a company that has only been trading a couple of years but has hundreds of seemingly glowing online reviews, be wary and make further checks to make sure they haven’t bought reviews from their mates down the pub. It does happen.

All our reviews are genuine and if you are thinking of having us do work to your home, we can put you in touch with previous customers who are more than happy to give an honest appraisal of us and our work, to reassure you.

In addition if you are looking for someone reliable to get your house painted, you’ve found them!

When we make an appointment to see you and your home, WE TURN UP! (Although that’s a 2 way thing and we do expect the courtesy of yourself keeping the appointment!)

When we arrange a quote and price, it is not verbal, it is written down, with a full specification of works, so you know EXACTLY what work will be done, and EXACTLY how much the final bill will be, with no hidden charges.

How do I get a quote for a protective wall coating for my property?

That’s the easy bit.

You can call us FREE on (0800) 970 4928 or you can also send the team an email here.

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