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House painting services all around Kent: A case study in Dover

Professional, reliable, expert, trustworthy and competent! That nicely sums up our house painting teams in Kent, as approved by our many customers since 1986!

I’m from Dover in Kent myself, I was born there on the 12th December 1970 and my family are from Walmer in Deal. Although I live in Devon now, It was great to go back to my home town and do some sterling exterior painting work to this lovely and very spacious home in Dover.

This page sums up the work we did to the house, with a few photos thrown in for good measure.

It’s a great way to see what we do as our methods, and the end results, are a little bit different than your normal painter and decorator in East Kent, so without further ado, Let’s have a look at the property in Capel Le Fern, Dover, and remember there are more examples at the bottom of this page.

Painting the outside of a house in Kent, using spray-applied wall coatings.

The clue to exactly how different we are is in the title above.

We SPRAY the paint on as opposed to using a brush or a roller, although saying that, our wall coatings are not strictly paint, they are a blend of hard-wearing minerals, dyes, resins and pigments, and they are applied using a special spray machine.

This is why we have to mask up the windows, just like the photo below shows…..

Exterior showing bagging and primer being put on
This picture shows how dull the walls were, and were slowly being brightened up, even if it was just the primer coat!

We have nearly 90 examples of house painting case studies on this site so I will keep it brief or else I will end up repeating myself once again, LOL!

As you can imagine, using a spray machine brings it’s own challenges, so we leave nothing to chance and mask up doors, gutters, windows, pipes, floors, when we use our wall coating spraying machine, so that once we finish, we peel the masking off, tidy it all away and you are left with zero mess, guaranteed.

Here’s another photo of the house masked up

Primer added to wall

As you can see nothing is left to chance. Note the spraying machine to the bottom left of the photo. It is so powerful it has to be run connected up to a large air compressor, but don’t worry they are not as noisy as you think!

Note that also we take care of lawns, bushes, trees and plants, making sure your well tended garden stays just that.

So, what happened next?

Well, to sum up what did, we carried a few minor wall repairs, small rendering cracks etc, then masked up the windows (see above), applied a primer coating by hand, and then sprayed our textured masonry coating to the exterior walls.

A pause in spraying textured coating
A pause in spraying the textured coating, you can see the overspray contained nicely onto the brown paper, not the windows!

This house will now stay clean, fresh and white, for over 20 years!

We guarantee that the wall coating will NOT fade, crack, peel or chip, and thousands of customers since 1986 would back that claim up.

And the final result of this wall coating project?

exterior textured wall coating in white

A gorgeous, smooth and uniform white textured coating over the whole house, guaranteed for 20 years to not need maintenance or repainting at all.

How much does having my house painted with a wall coating cost?

As you can clearly see, our system is far more involved that a local decorator would proscribe but the expected, and the delivered finish, exceeded the customers expectations, which is what we like to hear one each job!

We don’t just cover Kent, we are a national company, but that does not mean we are the most expensive

As far as price, yes of course it is going to be more than just a coat of paint, but to find out how much this textured wall coating will cost for your home, if you call us on 0800 970 4928 we can discuss this with you. Costs vary on location, condition of the house and of course, how large or small it is.

It was great to return like a prodigal son (!) to my home town, and we hope to hear from you if you live in Kent too. We are open 7 days a week.

Contact us today by phone, or use the CONTACT page to email us.

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