Front elevation of old windmill cumbria-min

Exterior wall renovation and weatherproofing of a Grade 2 listed former windmill, in Cumbria

You know what, we don’t just paint the outsides of houses, we also take on rather more challenging roles, jobs that your local painter an decorator would run away as fast as he could when he saw the property.

In April 2018 we took on a more unusual job, the restoration, refurbishment and weatherproofing, of a grade 2 listed former windmill, in Cumbria.

This unusual property stands in some of the most beautiful countryside we have seen in a long time and as such, it was exposed to the weather.

This in turn caused erosion and also damp to enter the building.

As it is a historically important building and as such, grade 2 listed, great thought was put in, and great care was taken in our approach to working on this unique home.

Windmill Exterior refurbishment case study.

The approach we took on this home had, for many reasons, to be different from our normal working week.

The tower itself required specialised scaffolding and access equipment, not only to make sure we work safe, as we always do, but due to the height and shape of the tower, a scaffold was the only way to access it.

This is what the tower looked like, close up, before scaffolding was erected.

looking up at tower


It certainly looks weather-beaten from up close doesn’t it?

We had to take a two pronged approach with this job as there were 2 different wall surfaces to contend with.

The 2 surfaces were natural Cumbria stone and a painted and rendered area at the top of the tower.

We used BOTH our wall coating systems in conjunction, the coloured NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coatings for the rendered area, and as the building was made of differing wall finishes, our WETHERDRY clear waterproofing system for the unpainted stone.

Both our wall coating systems come with a 20 year guarantee.

This is what the place started to look like once scaffold was erected

Windmill being refurbished


A scaffold such as this was the only way to effectively repair the tower all the way around.

A cherry picker was not suitable due to sheer amount of hollow render we had to replace all the way around the tower.

Let me tell you dear reader, when you are used to rendering walls nice and flat, to work on something round and circular, and at height, is tricky to say the least, but we did it!!

Here you can see close up how difficult this job was, even though we have experience since 1986 on a wide range of buildings, including grade 2 listed homes, this was challenging, but our expertise got us through and we achieved a fantastic result.

A wall refurbishment like this is best done during summer

tower with scaffolding


Once the rendering had been replaced, we sprayed a durable and very tough coating of NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coatings to the painted areas.

This will now resist the pounding of the Cumbrian weather, and will stay nice and white for the next 20 years.

We then got to work repairing the stones and filling in any missing or loose mortar joints (“pointing”) and allowed to dry.

We then sprayed 2 generous coats of our transparent damp proof wall coating system to the stones and allowed to dry.

The amazing thing about this coating is that is does not change the appearance of a stone or brick building but provides superior protection against all kinds of damp, mildew and mould.

The rain beads off the stones and drains into the ground, meaning none of it ever enters the building.

Now this historic windmill has been preserved for generations to come.

Front elevation of old windmill cumbria-min

This property is now fully protected from the elements, all damp and mould has been cured and the stone walls are fully weatherproof with our masonry coatings.

The customers were delighted with our work of course.

This property will now not need any additional maintenance or repair to the paintwork, walls or render for over 20 years.

If you would like to find out more about our wall coating systems, and how much it would cost to do this type of work on your house, give us a ring on 0n (0800) 970 4928 or click the CONTACT link and lets talk.


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