Render repairs and house painting in Folkestone, Kent with the long life Wethertex system

We all need a splash of colour in our lives, especially during these dark winter days, so let me show you a house we have just transformed from a wreck to a stand-out home in this Folkestone street.

We are well known since the 1980’s for working on homes around Kent, and this one, although not huge, it did have a huge amount of cracks and hollow render, which needed to be resolved before we could paint it.

We don’t “paint” a house the normal way though.

This is how we repair, paint and weatherproof a typical rendered house.

The new owners of this Kent home knew that it hadn’t really been looked after very well over the years, and it needed a lot more than just a lick of paint.

They also fancied a colour change, and their choice really made this property stand out from the rest in the road.

Here is the house during the repair stage

folkestone kent job front of house during repairs

Looking at the grey areas on the wall you can clearly see how much repair work we had to do.

Your traditional painter and decorator in Kent will just PAINT and that is it.

Many will not carry out the correct prep work to make the wall good, so instead of properly cutting out cracks, they will just fill them with silicone.

Instead of removing and replacing rendering that has come away from the wall, they will just paint over it. They don’t want your paint finish to last as they want to see you again the following year.

man painting exterior brick walls

Not us.

We don’t want to see you again for 20 years!

(Nothing personal)

All the repairs are professionally carried out, and once our exterior wall coating is applied, the mended areas of wall cannot be seen through the “paint.”

This is partly due to the fact that our teams are experts at this sort of wall repair, plus the paint finish that they end up with, applied by spray machine, is 20 times the thickness of ordinary masonry paint, ideal for homes that have seen better days.

The wall coating process

The first thing we do is to identify areas where the rendered surface on the house has come away from the bricks behind it. This process is caused by a wall with little or no weather protection, allowing moisture to seep inside the wall.

This water inside the wall then freezes.

As you know, water expands when frozen, and as such it forces the rendering off the wall and allows damp to enter the building, which you don’t need to be a master builder to know that is not a good thing, and can be costly to fix.

Once all the repairs are done, we mask up the building with paper and tape to ensure no paint mess is made, plus we lay dust sheets on the floor to make sure we don’t spoil any paths or driveways: We always work very clean.

We then apply the primer

Here we can see the “Wethertex” primer being added by hand.

folkestone job during repairs


Once the primer is added, we allow to dry whilst we prepare for the next stage, which is to spray-on our wall coating system across the whole house.

What are the benefits of having an exterior wall coating instead of “Normal” paint?

Fist off a wall coating is specially designed for YOUR home, so as we have access to our manufacturers production facility, we are able to design the perfect solution for your home.

You won’t get that by buying a tin of paint at B & Q.

We can design the paint colour, the shade, the texture, so you get exactly what you want, and what your house actually needs.

These homeowners wanted to stand out from the crowd and selected a colour we do called “Blue sky”, and in this case, it looks great!

As we said earlier, we do all the repairs, your local painter may not do that, but with us, all repair work is included in the fixed price we give you when we come and see the house to give you a quote, so there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES ever.

In addition, and very importantly, paint will only last a couple of years before it starts to go bad, but our wall coatings last over 2 DECADES (guaranteed) so you can imagine how much money you would save over time.

Also unlike paint, our wall coatings do not fade, chip, crack or peel, meaning 20 years of not having to get anyone else in to paint or render the house, you can relax and worry about more important matters instead.

Our wall coating system also stops all aspects of damp and mould.

Once all the preparation work is done, we remove the masking and clear up all mess, hand finishing around edges of doors and such like, to ensure a top quality job each and every time.

Remember, this amazing house painting system can be done at any time of year, including winter.

Compare this photo with the previous one just up the page.

front and side of house with wethertex wall coating

This durable finish will stay this colour for 20 years and that is covered by a full warranty.

Still not convinced?

Take a look at some of our previous house painting work and decide for yourself whether you want a one-off top class job from ourselves, or you want the cheap option from a bloke you met down at the pub?

The rear of the house looked just as striking in its new bold blue paint scheme!

ear of folkestone job with wall coating

This is not as expensive as it looks by the way, and getting a price to have your house done with this system is very easy, just call the team, (Mon – Sat) on 0800 970 4928 or send then an email here.

All quotes are without obligation and the service is available across mainland UK.

Project carried out by:

The Never Paint Again Company, 49 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 4EG.

Tel: 0800 970 4928

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