How cheap is that?!

Some easy steps to take to restore a sense of pride in your house

Do people point and laugh at your home when walking by?

Can you not bear to look at the condition of the exterior? Have people mistaken it for an abandoned property?!

Do you despair you could never afford to have it properly fixed and painted? Think again.

If you are planning on having relatives around soon, OK they aren’t probably going to judge you on how you keep your home. …….Or will they?

Don’t be ashamed, we can help you spruce your home exterior up!

OK, we’re not vain or shallow people and neither should you be, and there could be a myriad of legitimate reasons why your home exterior looks terrible?

You could have perhaps only recently moved in to the property?

You could be someone with a very busy life who just simply hasn’t had the time to call up decorators or builders to get a quote, and that is if they even turn up in the first place!

I’ve been at my own house now for a year and half and, OK, it doesn’t look too bad at all, but with a large Victorian place such as mine, there are always a multitude of things to do, from cleaning, to painting, to decorating, even the garden, if you want your home too look it’s best, you’ve got to put the work in.

If your home looks like the photo (below) outside though, I have to admit that guests wont generally be impressed!

Applying NPA Wetherdry clear damp proof wall coating
……”I think your house needs a bit more than a lick of paint my love…….”

We are of course talking about the state of the outside, not the state of the inside which is another article altogether, so we are offering to help you, to ease your paint and blow away your shame.

But don’t worry we haven’t gone mad but if your home is embarrassing and you want to do something about it, we are your fellas.

What can NEVER PAINT AGAIN do for me?

We can completely sort out the entire exterior of your house, repairing everything that needs to be repaired, replacing anything that needs to be replaced and repainting anything that needs to be repainted.

After our teams finish the work, which takes about a week depending on how large your house is, we provide an insurance backed 20 year guarantee that after we leave the job, you will not need to worry about the exterior of your house again!

It will look not only great, it will STAY looking just as great, for at least the next 20 years. We have been in business since 1986 so we know what we are talking about and so do our thousands of happy customers.

If this is the sort of thing you are looking at just now…….

Essex semi with flaking paint


…..then can you imagine all your shame disappearing when the team finish and your house now looks clean and tidy and ready for your Christmas guests, something like this?

A sure-fire way to stop feeling ashamed of where you live is to paint it!

Never will the homeowners of this property ever have to worry about flaky paint again. In fact they won’t have to have it repainted for at least 20 years, guaranteed.


The Never Paint Again Wall coating Company can:

  • Fix all cracks and make sure they never re-appear
  • Stop all instances of damp, mould and condensation
  • Provide insulation and eliminate cold internal walls
  • Paint your front door and windows.
  • Repair or replace any broken or scruffy pipes and guttering
  • Totally refurbish and repaint pebbledash
  • Apply our famous wall coating system
  • Issue a 20 year written warranty
  • NEVER PAINT AGAIN! …..Well….never paint for 25 years, ….but that doesn’t sound so catchy….

As we are reliable and trustworthy, you can be assured that if you call or email us for a free estimate, we WILL turn up, and when you want us to turn up too, making a refreshing change from previous callouts for tradesmen eh?

Professional, reliable and skilled tradesmen!

If your home has multiple problems, never fear, I can take care of all of it so you only need to speak to ONE contractor (me) and not loads, I will take care of the lot, guaranteed.


Sorting your house out need not cost you a fortune, you just need maybe a bit of help, a third pair of eyes to sort things out for you?

Not everyone is handy with a paintbrush and not everyone realises the issues their home has until something major happens like the rendering start falling off, or your home start filling up with damp.

There is no need to feel awful about having a scruffy house exterior because all you have to do is call us and we will sort it out for you, at a price you love too!

1st impressions are everything when it comes to your house

Go for the best impression this year, and don’t be embarrassed, call us on 0800 970 4928 and we can sort out the entire exterior with minimal fuss or hassle, plus you would qualify for a 20 year covered warranty too.


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