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The wrong approach to improving your property

We all like to make our house as good as it can possibly be, however while there are many ways to improve your home for the better, it’s important to take the right approach with DIY and home improvements, or you could end up losing money instead....

victorian terraced villa after wall coatings painting

Getting the best out of your Victorian house

The Victorian era heralded great changes throughout not only our own country, but also in the then British Empire, much of which can be seen today in our streets in the form of industrial buildings, churches, bridges and of course, houses. The Victorians knew how to build stuff to last, and if you live...

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5 of the best, expensive, high-end home improvements!

Feeling generous? Deep pockets? Money to burn? Have you won the lottery? If you are flash with cash and are looking to add some pizzazz to your property, let’s be honest, the sky is the limit, but we took 5 random, but expensive, home improvements that you can buy if you have the dough....

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small house

Cardboard boxes! Are British homes getting smaller?

Need a bit more space? A recent study by RIBA (The Royal Institute of British Architects) found that most new build homes in the UK are at least one whole room smaller in square metres, than older houses, in fact they go on to suggest that this is detrimental to our health, but why?...

man painting exterior brick walls

What NEVER PAINT AGAIN does, and what it does NOT do!

We wear many hats in this business and one of the hats we wear is of course our customer service hat! We get literally hundreds of calls, texts and emails each month asking questions, but not all of them are relevant and we can’t help everyone and we’re not psychic like our friend Derek...

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What home improvements do I need planning permission for?

In the UK, and many other countries, there exists a set of enforceable rules and regulations that govern the built environment, which aim to ensure that buildings are constructed, altered or improved in a sympathetic and safe manner. There are various common home improvements, usually the more “major” types, that require permission from your...

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How to avoid being attacked by seagulls

Seagulls, or rather Herring Gulls, have made the news in the past few weeks, but for all the wrong reasons. As I myself live a few hundreds metres from the sea, it is a problem that certainly caught my interest so I decided to look deeper into the problems caused by seagulls. Recently, some...

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