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The pro’s and con’s of Exterior wall insulation for your property

Exterior wall Insulation, is it really something that you want or need on your home? 

We discuss whether having a render exterior wall coating applied to your home is such a good idea? 

Homes are very important to everyone, it’s where we live, sometimes where we work, and where we relax and enjoy the company of our family, but what if the house has problems?

These problems may not be evident and first, or they may be blindingly obvious, such as damp patches on the walls, the house generally feeling “cold” and visually, we may see cracks or missing render and so on.

So what can we do if our house is cold?

There is, and has been a big campaign in the UK for many years to encourage people to have insulation, which is a good thing!

After all, with the price of everything going up and up each month, saving fuel, heating and so on is at the forefront of people’s minds.

But if you are looking to save money on heating bills and you are considering exterior wall insulation, do you really need it and does the cost justify the ends?

If you have a terraced house, front and back external walls, and you are approached by a Wall Coating company offering to install a render exterior wall coating, if the coating costs upwards of £7,000 (Yes, this is what the price of them is, from feedback we have from others) it is going to take you a very long time to recoup any savings made by having a warmer house after the fitting of render exterior coloured wall coatings.

These render based coatings are sometimes known by other names such as:

  • Retrofitting render
  • coloured render
  • Exterior wall insulation
  • through render
  • trowel and roller wall coatings

This is one reason why most people who buy at least the better quality exterior render applied coatings usually have to take out a loan or they fall prey to the high pressure salesman’s patter and take out one of their “home improvement plans” which is a high APR top loaded loan, which they get a generous commission for selling to you.

Be wary of salesmen! We are.

high pressure selling the hard sell
Avoid any home improvement company who use the hard sell approach


Make sure also that if you are looking to buy an exterior wall insulation service, don’t be fooled by a salesman saying that his company make the render coatings as recent information has proved this to be false, so be careful who you do business with.

  The render coating company could actually be just a sales and marketing operation.

Most of our customers pay at the end of the job with their own money, so unlike many of the unfortunate render wall coating customers, they are not paying for building work to their home for the next 10 years!

You will also find some of the most famous brands of paint in the high street are made by someone else!

Take a closer look at  the small print on the paint tins next time you are in B and Q. !!!

What other option is there?

Well despite the claims of one or two of the render and trowel based exterior wall coatings companies,  Spray applied wall coatings can provide an amount of exterior wall insulation by cutting out wind chill, dampness in walls, draughty window frames and so on, making immediate savings on your bills! 

They are also available in any colour of your choice, from custom made and period colours, through to our standard range.

Being fair on the render wall coating people though, both external wall covering  systems do stop penetrating damp, which is a good thing in anyone’s books.

And the best bit is that whilst we can prove BEYOND DOUBT that spray applied wall coatings lasts a long time (The editor can personally show you spray wall coating jobs done in the 1980’s THAT ARE STILL ON THE WALL AND PERFORMING!) whilst render based wall coatings have already cracked!

In addition, any surveyor will tell you that if the render exterior wall coating company takes the existing render or pebbledash OFF your home, if the render coating is sound, forcibly removing it will, without doubt, DAMAGE THE VERY BRICKS THAT YOUR HOME IS CONSTRUCTED FROM!

And the best bit is…………..The NPA spray applied wall coating system, using the best quality materials direct from a reputable paint supplier, can equate to usually LESS THAN HALF THE COST of a render exterior wall coating!


So yes, we’re suggesting that having exterior wall insulation, render applied, instead of spray applied, will possibly harm your home.

So it just goes to show if you are a frugal and conscientious home owner who likes to save the pennies in these tough times, why would you bother having something on your house walls like an exterior insulation system?

Reasons not to have exterior insulation

  1. They are more than DOUBLE the cost of a spray applied coating.
  2. They can hide period features and ruin the character of a house. (Who wants a cottage from 1800 to look like a brand new modern house? I know I wouldn’t….)
  3. Some insulation and coloured render are known to crack under direct sunlight.
  4. They increase the structural load on your wall and the profile by at least 50mm, in some cases ruining the character of the house
  5. Exterior insulation can cause other problems with window reveals and windows not opening.
  6. It can look stupid when applied to a terraced house as the property will literally STICK OUT! but not in a good way…
  7. It can result in terraced houses having a very large “edge” between the adjoining terraced properties, eventually allowing damp back in to the house!
  8. If you have the roller applied TREE BARK effect wall coating on your home, you more or less have ruined it.
  9. you would have to have scaffolding up for quite a while, but spray applied wall coatings can often be done on ladders or portable tower scaffolding, which is taken away when the job is completed!

So as you can see we are not fans of exterior wall insulation, however if you are looking someone to carry out work to your exterior walls, with a spray applied wall coating system which does have some form of insulation, then call us on 0800 970 4928

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