putting the neighbours house to shame

Protecting your neighbours terraced or semi detached house when we paint yours

Whenever the NEVER PAINT AGAIN house painting crews do a house that is joined to another, such as a semi or terraced, we take great care in protecting the neighbouring houses as well as our customers house.

It can be a real problem sometimes when you live in the type of house most of us live in.

In towns and cities; terraced or semi detached, end of terrace, and you want to have the outside painted, or a coloured render wall coating applied, but you don’t want to upset your neighbours with fuss and mess?

It’s a real dilemma, however, you can relax now and here is why.

how to paint a pebbledashed house

These type of homes “Share” a wall, and therefore when we look outside, the 2 houses will be joined in some way.

This is the same with terraced houses as well as semi detached homes.

Its important when we work on this type of property, that we also respect the neighbours houses too, after all, its only ONE customer paying us for a house painting job, the neighbour doesn’t want it all over their house too!

The exception to the rule is when we do an exterior wall refurbishment on a pair of semi detached houses at the same time, which is much easier.

So if you are on good terms with your neighbour and you both need your house painted, we offer GENEROUS DISCOUNTS to do the 2 jobs at the same time! Email us to find out more.

So, what does the NPA team do to protect the neighbours house?

Whenever our wall coating installation teams are working on the outside of a property, we firstly establish where the DIVIDING LINE between the two houses is EXACTLY located (within 5 mm).

It is worth noting that over the years these lines can become somewhat blurred and “off-centre” with various yearly paint jobs, so it is important that we get it right 1st time as there is no going back!

masking up and primer before a coating

If there are any discrepancies, we ask both neighbours to refer to the plans or deeds of each house and agree (preferably in writing!), because as contractors we cannot get involved in boundary disputes, we are simply here to render, repair or paint your house!

Anyway; Once the location of the line is established, we put a thick masking tape border down the side of the house, overlapping onto the adjoining house, which does not cause any damage or paint loss to either houses.

If the wall is friable (dusty) and the tape wont stick, we dilute a small amount of pva UnibondĀ® in water and paint a line (which is invisible) over the boundary, on the neighbours side, about 1 inch wide.

Our teams paint YOUR house, NOT next door!

The tape will then stick to the wall, and we stick a sheet of paper down the wall as you can see from the photo (which expands when you click on it) , and then we drape dustsheets and tarpaulins over next doors roof, and in this case, their wooden garden fence too.

If possible, we also apply tape to the window cills next door so the Wall coating spray “mist” does not settle on their window cills.

If the neighbours house has bushes, trees and shrubs, we wrap clean dust sheets around them and seal them during the day while work is being carried out.

We also mask up virtually everything that is not be sprayed with a wall coating, so when we take the tape and paper off, we hand finish around doors and windows and “voila!!”, your new house!

If you live in a property that requires a new exterior paint or wall coating finish, NPA will treat your neighbours house with the utmost of care and attention and our friendly teams always ask permission if our Wall coating work encroaches on the adjoining house.

A wall that although is YOUR wall, for us to paint it or apply a wall coating, we have to gain access to the house next door, which is where the other side of the wall is (!).

We offer a full project management whenever we are applying wall coatings or coloured render-applied wall coatings to your house.

The teams arrived fully informed and prepared to work on your home and always available as a first point of contact for any questions or queries, remember, you are paying us to help you, so that is what we do; we are happy to help in any way we can.

…which is why our customers love us and always recommend us in reviews of never paint again: Quite simply, we do a good, clean job, and are nice people to deal with

The NEVER PAINT AGAIN team take great care with your house and never leave the place like a building site.

A new house but at the same address with wethertex wall coatings

In fact many of our happy customers have commented on how clean we have left the place once the work is finished!

When we work on your home, you’re NOT just getting a “fancy lick of paint” (!), you are getting a full diagnose and repair programme of works, and a brand new home exterior; one that will NOT need repainting for up to 20 years!

If you would like to find out more about what we do and how much it costs, call us now FREE!

Tel: (0800) 970 4928, we even pay for the call!

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