exterior wall coating and rendering for a house in Leicester (5)

Rendering and applying a masonry coating to a house in Leicester. It’s now as good as new!

Here is another one of our completed projects, a re-render of a detached house in Leicester, and the application of a Wethertex MP44 exterior masonry coating.

The page contains photos of the work carried out, plus the usual “after” images.

Let’s take a look.

Here we can see the importance of using a protective masonry coating on brand new rendering

Here is another one of our completed projects, a re-render of a detached house in Leicestershire, and the application of a Wethertex masonry coating.

When we arrived we knew we had our work cut out, with cracks covering the walls, meaning that most of the render had to be hacked off and replaced.

This is what makes a professional wall coating company stand out from the cowboys who, usually for a cheap cash job, will only spray their coatings over the top of a bad wall surface.

This is a massive no-no, so if you are quote collecting with a view to having this done on your home, beware, do NOT choose the cheapest quote, its cheap for a reason.

The house needed to be fully re-rendered.

Rendering a house in Leicester

We removed and disposed of the old rendering, which was literally falling away from the wall.

Unlike some tradesmen, we take away all mess and waste created from working on your house, rather than dumping in a pile around the back!

Here is us working on the rendering on the side of the house

The side of the house after having its rendering replaced

We then re-rendered using a polymer based rendering system from Wethertex

Why do we always protect new render by covering it with a masonry coating?

Any decorating professional knows that leaving new render unpainted can cause it’s own problems and issues as generally rendering is NOT waterproof or weatherproof.

Even if you apply normal paint over brand new render, it still won’t give it much protection at all as paint is coloured water, but the big paint brands don’t want the public to know that.

Are we lying to sell you our product instead?

NO way.

Our masonry coatings are hard wearing and long lasting as they are resin-based.

Dulux and other popular brands of masonry paint are coloured water, here’s the proof.

Dulux weathershield paint is coloured water


This is why we ALWAYS cover and protect brand new render with Wethertex MP44 textured masonry wall coatings, the house painting system with the 20 year warranty.


Wethertex masonry coatings

The product is not available to buy in the shops, and can only be applied by our own factory trained teams, with special spraying equipment.

It lasts for 20 years, and we can prove that as it has been independently tested using accelerated weathering machines.

This property is now fully weatherproof and will not need any further repair or any painting, for the next 2 decades.

Rear of house in leicester after rendering and masonry wall coating

The Wethertex masonry coating system, unlike masonry paint, can be applied all year round by our expert teams. These are the best exterior wall coatings money can buy.

Unfortunately as you can see, our teams are NOT expert photographers, however you can see a lot more of our completed work (with better photos!) by viewing our before and after gallery

Here is the back of the house now the rendering is all done, and the masonry coating to protect the walls has been applied by spray.

Another view of the hosue with a new masonry coating


This job took just over a week in summer, with good weather.

In fact it was scorching by the time we had finished.

We normally estimate a job as “weather permitting” in relation to timescales, however if we used normal masonry paint, which we do not, the slightest chance of a rain shower and we wouldn’t even be able turn up on site!

Needless to say our customers were very happy with the work.

They join hundreds of other happy customers over the years, so why not read some of the never paint again reviews?

The wethertex masonry coating system is showerproof in only half an hour, meaning that we can work in all weathers, in fact it has such a low freezing point, we can work in temperatures as low as minus 5.

This means the Wethertex masonry coating system can be applied to your home all year round, including in winter.

Here is the front of the house after render replacement and Wethertex masonry coating applied by our team

exterior wall coating and rendering for a house in Leicester (5)


The exterior walls on this house will not need any further repair or painting for the next 2 decades, guaranteed. You need never paint your house again


If you would like to find out more about this amazing way to save money on painting, give us a call on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email here

Contract carried out by Never Paint Again, First Coat Solutions, 3 Oswin road, Leicester, LE3 1HR.

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