Rear of the cheshire house completed with wall coating

Repairing render and painting a house in the Cheshire countryside with a long life coating

A lovely country property located in Disley, Cheshire which suffered from Hollow render and cracks is the latest lucky recipient of a textured wall coating system.

In this article, one of many in our case studies category, we are going to run through exactly what we did to this house, the type of problems we found, and what we did to rectify the various issues in and around this property.

The owner of this lovely house in its own grounds, in Cheshire, had various areas of hollow render about the walls.

This is when the hard cement coating of render (the smooth bit) gets water behind it, often because of porous paint and cracks, and the water freezes, which pushes the render away form the wall and allowing damp to penetrate into the house.

The rendered walls were in such poor shape that our workmen had only to lightly tap the gable end, only for large and heavy chunks of render to fall crashing to the ground below!

Imagine if that had come away in a storm with someone stood underneath it!

Rendering in bad condition
Rendering in bad condition


The photo above shows how bad the render was and we got to work immediately repairing it, in fact this image shows us applying the first scratch coat which you can see at the top of the brick area.

After finding this, we carried out a full and extensive survey of the condition of the external surfaces.

We didn’t have to wait long before we found more cracks and hollow render, which came away from the wall very easily, like the image below.

An extreme example of what happens when obviously hollow rendering is left unchecked

Porous walls cause render to crack and fall away
Porous walls cause render to crack and fall away


It is plainly obvious that the owners used to pay a local painter and decorator to come out and give the house a coat of paint every year, who never did any repairs, just painted over the hollow rendering.

Now as you can imagine, this is a large house, so this was not cheap each year and even then it was only for a half a job or a quick “tosh over”.

As we checked each part of the house, the poor state of the rendered walls got worse and worse….

Render in poor condition before re-rendering started
Render in poor condition before re-rendering started

This is why the owners decided to choose our permanent house painting system.

After we do all the repairs, the walls are fully protected and won’t need any more work for at least 25 years.

So despite the extensive extra repairs we needed to do, we did not charge the client any extra money!

Yes that’s right: When you agree a price for home improvements with NPA, we stick to the price.

All quotes from us are confirmed in writing, and if we subsequently find out that the house is in worse condition than we thought, and it needs more repair before painting, you won’t ever be asked for more money than was initially agreed.

Here is an example of the render repairs finished, before painting.

Render repairs to the wall of a house
Render repairs to the wall of a house in Cheshire

 Remember hollow render also harbours damp.

If damp starts coming into a house, it can cause extensive damage to carpets, wooden floors, all manner of things, not to mention the health of the people who live in the house!

So what happened after the repairs?

One of the first things the team did was to power wash the walls with a high pressure jet hose.

This cleans any grime or dust off the house that may have settled over the years, and then the walls are then treated with an organic biocide which kills any mould spores still remaining.

Afterwards the wall coatings installations team scraped off the remaining loose and flaky paint and got to work removing the render which had cracked and was hollow.

This was then replaced to match the existing rendering, so expertly done, once the paint goes on, you cannot see where we did the repairs!

Applying the exterior textured wall coating

The last job was to spray-apply our special weatherproof wall covering to the external walls.

The rear of the cheshire house after a wall coating
The rear of the Cheshire house after a wall coating


It was then masked up, and a coat of primer was added by hand, before we sprayed the exterior with NPA exterior textured masonry coating.

This means that now a textured masonry coating has been applied, not only will this country property not need any exterior decoration for 2 decades, it also means that the render is protected from cracking and you can imagine the large financial benefits over the 2 decades of the lifespan of the wall coating.

So what did the rest of the house look like after painting?

A house in Cheshire with a textured spray applied exterior wall coating
A house in Cheshire with a textured spray applied exterior wall coating

And here is another shot of the rear of the house, which we took from their lovely garden

A house in rural Cheshire with a long life, weatherproof exterior wall coating which will not fade, crack, flake or peel for up to 25 years, guaranteed.
A house in rural Cheshire with a long life, weatherproof exterior wall coating which will not fade, crack, flake or peel for up to 20 years, guaranteed.

If you own a house in Cheshire, or in fact anywhere in England and Wales, and would like a quote to have the house painted, call or email us now on 0800 970 4928

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