Front of house in exmouth after the never paint again painting treatement-min

Exterior house painting and refurbishment of a house in Exmouth, Devon, by the best!

Yet another of our completed jobs, a semi detached home in the seaside resort of Exmouth in Devon.

We took some photos of work before, during and afterwards, to show you the sheer amount of work, love, care and attention that goes into every single one of our wall coating projects.

Read on and find out what we did, and how you can get a quote to have this system on the outside of your house.

This project was carried out during a very hot June in 2018.

Here is what we did to refurbish this house in Exmouth.

Before you think “oh this is just some fellas painting a house, I know how to do that!”, hold on a second, let me explain.

We differ from your local painter and decorator insofar as, unlike them, we don’t just turn up, open a pot of paint and start slapping it on, we carry out a full renovation and refurbishment work to each house we do.

This is one reason why not only we have gained an enviable reputation across the UK, much of our work comes from word of mouth as when we say our painting system looks good as new for 20 years, we mean it, and we can prove it too!

Here is us working on the house in the first stage of refurbishing the walls

Fist we see the side of the house in a fairly poor condition.

The wall got a lot of weather, so to speak, and the render and pebbledash had failed in several places.

side wall of exmouth during repairs-min

Your local painter would just patch it up with some filler he got down at B and Q and then paint over it. Guess what? He does NOT want it to last as he wants to come back next year and paint it again.

Sorry mate, not this time………

We cut out all the cracks in the walls and filled them with an epoxy resin mortar.

Then we also removed the broken pebbledash and replaced it to match the existing texture on the walls, so much so , in the next photos of the same wall, you cannot see any repairs.

ide wall in exmouth being repaired-min


Also note that the wall has been painted with our special NEVER PAINT AGAIN primer, and we made a big song and dance about covering up the windows and laying dust sheets everywhere, so not only do we work neat and tidy, it also means we don’t have to spend a week cleaning up paint spills once we are done!

This is what the side wall now looks like, and it’s fully weatherproof to boot!

side wall of exmouth house all finished-min

This refinished wall surface will now need NO more painting whatsoever, or even any repairs, for the next 20 years, and we are so confident in that, the job comes with a 20 year guarantee.

So that is the side wall dealt with, what about the front?

The front of the house, as you can see, was far less straightforward as it has many period mouldings and features which had to be dealt with in a totally different way than the side.

Here is the front of the house during refurb work

Front of exmouth house masked up and having a wall coating applied

As you can see, the actual area of wall is not that big, but as the front area was taken up by mock Tudor beams, mouldings, and the large, long square bay window, a lot of masking off had to be done in order for us to spray our protective wall coating system.

If you note to the left of the picture, you will see the spray machine. Some of the less professional wall coating companies will use a much cheaper top-hopper fed gun, powered by a Clarke air compressor.

Whilst this still works, it is not ideal and we always recommend using these GRACO pumps, which we have imported for us from the USA.

Once the spraying work is completed, we carefully remove all the masking and do a full site tidy up, taking away all our waste and mess, so much so that apart from having a fantastic looking house, the site is left so clean, you would never know you just had major work done to it!

Ta-daaaa!!!! Here is the finished article:

A pleasant looking home in Exmouth, now refurbished, completely maintenance free!

Front of house in exmouth after the never paint again painting treatement-min

This job took around 4 days to complete.

The house is now free of the need to do any more painting at all, and will look this good for the next 2 decades, as do all our jobs related to painting and decorating in Devon.

We have been installing our wall coatings since 1986, and across the UK (and abroad too) so we KNOW what we are doing, and we KNOW this wall coating system lasts as long as we say it does.

(And it’s NOT as expensive as it looks, the genuine NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured exterior wall coating system (ONLY available from us) starts from as little as £3,500 inc vat, so it won’t break the bank either.)

If you would like to find out more about how much this system would cost to be done to your house, please call us today, lines are open Monday to Saturday, on (0800) 970 4928 or click the CONTACT button at the top and lets talk.

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