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Nick Clegg, paint, and the pebbledash people

Our ex deputy prime Minister, Nick Clegg, used to live in a large pebbledashed house in Sheffield,  so if its good enough for Nick, is it good enough to keep pebbledash on your home or is it time for a change? Should we step down and consider something else?

Nick described his previous abode as ” ……….. just “a modest, semi-detached, pebbledash home”

Nicks old buddy, good all round Yorkshire man William Hague MP, took a great deal of column inches in the papers back in 2001 talking about Pebbledash people and the votes he wanted off them in the general election, but who did he mean?

The many normal houses across the UK with pebbledash are a common site, but how can having a pebbledashed house mean that all of a sudden he becomes a pebbledash person??

Are their also sub-groups with names like brick blokes (!?), or maybe Smooth render suburbanites?

How does an exterior wall finish on our house define who we are?

The first thing that springs to mind must surely be the image we want to portray by the type of house we live in, and more practically, how we care for the exterior of our houses and what we do to protect it from the weather.

Pebbledash originated at the turn of the last century and was primarily invented to cover up poor quality brickwork and construction materials during the housing boom years when new towns and suburbs sprang up everywhere as the older rural industries went into decline, more people starting moving to the cities and towns and more housing was needed.

Do people find pebbledash popular?

Pebbledash has been popular throughout the years and many design experts are (somewhat foolishly in our opinion) have been calling for a revival.

They state its relative durability and the fact that many Scottish castles, and many grand arts and crafts style houses in the UK have a coating of pebbledash.

However, today’s pebbledash is often referred to as Spa-dash or spar dash, which is very different and often uses flint chips instead of the normal small pebbles, often dredged up from the seabed.

Modern pebbledash is much harsher and rougher and if you have ever scraped yourself accidentally against a more recent pebbledashed wall you will now how impractical it can be

repairing and painting a pebbledashed house with an exterior wall coating

In addition, if you have any alterations to the house,or even have an extension built, quite simply the two bits of pebbledash, old and new WILL NOT match and in many cases you may have to in fact get the entire place painted or wall coated to avoid any mismatch and to give your house a uniform look all over.

In fact a house with pebbledash, which is not in keeping with the rest of the area or the street (think of Coronation street) can look not only out-of-place, but can also have a negative effect on the value of your home, especially if the pebbledash is not in good condition and requires repair, or at worst, total removal

mis matched pebbledash
mis matched pebbledash

What to do about pebble dash?

If you are thinking of employing a company, such as NEVER PAINT AGAIN, to remove your pebbledash or to change the look, smooth it out, paint it, wall coat it and so on, think carefully as anything to do with painting pebbledash is often a long term commitment.

If you have it removed, the bricks underneath will probably be in very bad condition, so one must think carefully about what goes back ONTO the wall where the pebbledash or spar dash used to be!

Ironically, pebbledash that has been badly applied to the wall by a cowboy builder is often easier to remove than a professional pebbledash job!

The simplest way is to have an exterior textured masonry coating on the wall, using quality materials, which can not only transform the appearance of any pebbledashed wall with an added splash of colour, it can also significantly lower heating bills, lower ongoing maintenance costs, and keep you and your family warm and dry for the whole year!

In addition, unlike pebble dash, a modern, flexible, exterior wall coating does not chip, fade, crack or peel and also stops damp.

Nick Clegg MP (updated: ex-MP!)

Nick clegg MP
Nick clegg who used to be an MP now works for Facebook. (Updated 2019)

With Mr Clegg off doing facebook stuff now, and the job of being the MP for Sheffield Hallam a distant memory, do you think he cares about pebbeldash? Probably not!

If you have a house with pebbledashed exterior walls, dont be liberal like Nick and sit on the fence, give us a call today and we can transform your rough, bumpy dull pebbledash into a home fit for a king! Or an MP

Dare I say we are offering “brexit proof” prices?

Best not go there eh?

freshly painted pebbledash houses by the coast

Nick Clegg’s view on housing

On the 23rd of September 2012, at the LibDem conference, Mr Clegg revealed what he thought was a good idea, to help children get onto the over-valued British property ladder, by allowing the pension funds of parents and grand parents to guarantee the mortgage!

Talking about the scheme Nick said that the money to be used as a guarantee or deposit,  would not actually be debited from the pension of the relative, but the funds invested there would become a ‘guarantee’ that the house-buyer would repay the mortgage and not default.

Is this curtains for Mum and Dad’s pension?

Perhaps. After all, who can predict the future?

The general idea of things appears to be that the (perhaps reluctantly) altruistic parent or grand dad, would lose the money only if the loan repayments were not made.

After being in a world recession for so many years and with many top name brands and organisations going under, the notion of security of tenure and investing in brick and mortar because “They always go up in value!” (!)  seems futile, old fashioned, and dangerous.

For a free quote to paint your pebbledashed home call us now on 0800 970 4928

Updated August 2011. It seems Mr Clegg and PAINT dont mix well.

Good job it wasn’t a tub of NEVER PAINT AGAIN or he would never have been able to wash it off.

……and we didn’t fancy issuing a 20 year guarantee on Mr Clegg either!

Updated 2019: Everyone has forgotten now but one day a protester, probably something to do with student fees, chucked paint over the deputy PM. A by product of that was this page got massive traffic by accident!

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