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External wall coating for a house in the town of Barry, South Wales

This lovely house in Wales was located in a rural area not far from the town of Barry (Barri) in South Wales.

The property required both decoration and repair by the exterior Wall Coating installation teams.

This page shows the work done, plus all the preparation, and the final wall coating finished job!

Barry and I became good friends when we installed a weatherproof textured wall coating!

This property was covered in painted tyrolean which was brittle with age and various areas of the job were flaky off, revealing patches of “blown” (Hollow) render.

The job itself was relatively straightforward compared to some of the jobs our teams have to deal with and as it was an old house, the roofline was quite low which meant that it was much easier for our teams to reach the top!

If you are not familiar with Barry, it is a town on the south coast of Wales, in the Vale of Glamorgan, looking out over the Bristol Channel towards England.

In previous years it was famous for its coal port and in fact by the year 1913, Barry was the busiest coal exporting port in the whole world!

Of course times have changed now but it does still retain much charm and of course has the famous Barry Island, once home to a butlins (or was it Pontins??) holiday camp, plus once a large graveyard of old steam trains my dad took me to see in the 70s.

Moving on, here is some info about what we did to this particular house.

As you can see from the photos, we did all the render repairs and filled the cracks, basically we concentrated on making the property “sound” and in good order, which any surveyor will tell you, is the best way to keep your home’s value.

Here is a photo showing what the house looked like when we arrived.

Previous textured coating being removed and replaced
Previous textured coating being removed and replaced


The owner had the house spray coated years ago by a now defunct Welsh textured coatings company, but as the company who did it did not carry out all the repairs that the house needed, slowly but surely, the coating started to bubble away from the wall and you can see this on the left.

We found, when we tapped that area of the render, that it had not been replaced and was therefore hollow rendering and needed to be taken off before we could carry on.

This is around the time the house looks its worst

Repaired render patched and applying primer
Repaired render patched and applying primer

We then applied a coat of Andura primer to the walls, and then sprayed a thick and durable coating of Never Paint Again wall coating in a fine texture.

This special coating repels the wet Welsh weather, acid rain (Although not much of that around Barry I suppose?!), and also repels polluting airborne particles.

Basically our external wall finishing system protects your home, whilst looking great too, and comes with a 20 year warranty.

Spraying textured wall coatings on the house

Here is our work in action, spraying the textured coating onto the primer.

You can see our spray pump in the foreground, and the tins of NPA wall coating, which we have to specially mix in order to get it through those pipes.

Spraying Andura textured masonry wall coatings
Spraying Andura textured masonry wall coatings

This house will not not need to be repaired or painted for at least 20 years, with a life expectancy of over 25 years for the flexible and weatherproof exterior wall coating we applied to this house

Your local exterior house painter is unable to offer any of these benefits, but we can!

And here is our finished house, with it’s happy owner!

Completed textured wall coatings job in Wales, with the customer very happy!
Completed textured wall coatings job in Wales, with the customer very happy!

If you wish to learn more about our system, including the cost, call us free today on 0800 970 4928 or email us and request a house painting quote today.

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