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Textured external coatings on an ugly house in Stourbridge, West Midlands

This quirky house in an elevated position in Stourbridge, west Midlands, had suffered from exterior wall erosion and cracking and the local decorator wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole, so the owners called us!

The big problem with this house is that the gable end type elevation seen here at the front, was the face of the house that got all that wet and windy weather.

This meant that each time that particular wall was painted, only after a few months it started to peel again.

The steps we took to decorate this property are outlined below

The weather was literally ripping the paint off each time, so they wanted a nice looking paint finish that would enhance the home but also offer weather protection.

Normal masonry paints don’t do this, so the owners chose us to apply a textured masonry wall coating to the house, and this is what we did!

It is worth noting that any west midlands house painting service won’t be able to offer this system to you.

The photos below show the house in various stages of work, from preparation, and masking up the windows, to the repairs, including rendering and replacing large amounts of tyrolean (a textured sprayed cement type textured coating).

The house in its “ugly” stage halfway through prep work

The front of the house showing rendering
The front of the house showing rendering

The images here also show the various other exterior wall repairs we did to this house.

The next photo is the stage afterwards where all the render had been repaired, the windows had been masked over and we had applied, by hand, a special primer which gives a good key to apply the spray coating over the top.

The primer has been added to the wall

This shows the Andura primer, ready for the spray applied wall coating
This shows the primer, ready for the spray applied wall coating

In the next photo we can see the rendering that had been done, paying special attention to the “quoins” which are the patterns in the edges around the sides of the house.

This is what it looked like in it’s “raw” state…

The side and front after rendering
The side and front after rendering

We then applied a special waterproof primer to the walls, by hand, and then sprayed on a special exterior textured wall coating to the walls.

The wall coating we use is a bit like a thick and durable paint which not only protects this house from the weather, but also comes with a 20 year warranty not to chip, flake, peel or fade. It also stops damp.

This is the same shot but with the primer added

Primed and ready to spray the textured wall coating
Primed and ready to spray the textured wall coating

Once all this is done and we are happy that these external walls are in a good state of repair with no cracks any more, or loose and hollow rendering.

TIP: The sign of a professional wall coating team is the fact that all repairs are carried out before the slightest drop of paint is applied. “Cowboy” companies don’t do this and simply apply the coating over hollow render and cracks. We do it properly and right, first time, every time, which is why our coatings last over 20 years.

After this stage, we then reapplied the masking and sprayed the top coating to the walls and now it looks like this!

Exterior texture wall coatings on a West Midlands house
Exterior texture wall coatings on a West Midlands house

Looks nice eh?

..and to finish it off, we thought we would include a larger version of the image right at the top of the page, taken looking upwards from the street, so you can imagine what the client must have felt like when we asked him to come outside for the final inspection!

The front of the house with a new exterior textured wall finish

Looking upwards at the exterior house painting work we did!
Looking upwards at the exterior house painting work we did!

He was of course utterly delighted and, to be honest so were we, it looked great, and is now maintenance free for at least 2o years!

We have been repairing houses and applying long life exterior wall coatings, just like on this house, for the last 25 years and we have thousands of examples all across the country, not just in the west Midlands!

This house will now NOT need any painting or repairs for up to 20 years, PLUS we can do work like this, to your house, during ANY TIME OF THE YEAR, even December and January!

Having an NPA External wall coating on your house means saying a not-so fond farewell to damp, flaky paint, cracks and all sorts of other home improvement nightmares. NOW you can sleep easy!

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