front of ghrade 2 listed house with never paint again wall coating

Exterior rendering and painting a grade 2 listed historic lodge in Devon: “Threepenny Lodge: Poltimore estate”

For many years now we have specialised in repairing historic and important homes up and down the country, so let me show you what we did to repair the historic Poltimore house lodge, in Devon, a grade 2 listed lodge house in the grounds of the imposing Poltimore house in Devon.

Poltimore house dates from Tudor times, the 1550’s to be exact, on the site of an older property, built by the Bampfylde family, and mentioned in the Domesday book.

According to their website, the house has had many uses, including a college and a hospital.

The crest, or coat of arms, of the family can be seen in many of the pictures here.

This is one of several lodge houses around this large country estate, this one is known as “Threepenny Lodge.” although why I don’t know, maybe visitors had to pay 3 pennies to get in?

This impressive lodge house would have been literally the gateway and gatekeeper to the estate, and the actual estate can be visited too, it’s a beautiful place and a visit is sure to please.

Check their website for all the details (

Here’s how we renovated this historic lodge using the Wethertex MP44 textured wall coating system.

The main thing when renovating a historic building is the care and attention we have to take in all aspects of the work. Many of the more traditional painters and decorators around Exeter wouldn’t want to work on this as they lack the relevant knowledge and experience of working on this type of home.

After all, we are dealing with history and we must be careful, even during major work such as this house, we are bound by the rules set down by (in this case) Devon county council, and English Heritage.

The lodge, being a few hundred years old, had generally stood the test of time well, however the exterior had many large cracks and patches of loose render.

Render cracking and coming loose is often caused by a lack of weatherproof paint on the outside walls, which in turns allows water to seep into the wall, which then freezes and pushes the rendering away from the wall, allowing damp to enter the house.

The walls were, in sections, covered with an ugly coating of tyrolean, which was totally out of keeping with the look of the house and the owners wanted it to look more traditional, with a smooth rendered finish to the outside walls.

So our first job was to remove all the old render and replace it with a brand new, breathable render, which mimics the properties of lime render.

We re-rendered the entire building with an insulated and breathable render system

ew rendering on house exterior

Not only will this render NOT crack, like the previous wall covering did, but it will lower heating bills as it has insulating properties within the render mix, plus it cuts down on wind chill too, meaning big savings on the heating bills for this house.

Once we had removed the old render and replaced with new, we then started the process of preparing the walls for the application of our long life house painting system, which is ideal for painting listed buildings.

Here we see the roadside entrance to the lodge. Note the coat of arms in the walls

exterior rendering in exeter

The image above shows just how much re-rendering this house needed, in fact it more or less had a full re-render job done to it.

When you contact us to work on your home, we do a full project management so you do not have to call several tradesmen to do the various bits of work, we take care of the entire job, leaving you free to concentrate on your daily life.

Here we can see the finished job from a similar angle.

front of ghrade 2 listed house with never paint again wall coating

This house will not need any further painting, or repairs, for 20 years, and that comes with a written guarantee.

The next photo shows the rear of the house, with its large windows affording splendid views over this typical English country estate and the rolling hills of Devon. How the “other half” live eh?

This shows more of our top quality exterior wall rendering.

new rendering on house in exeter

All our rendering meets or exceeds building regulations set out in (BS EN 13914-1:2005)

Once our team is happy that the render has been fully replaced or repaired, we start work on preparing the walls for the application of our wall coating system.

Although when it is on the house, it looks like paint, it’s far more longer lasting than paint, and a hard-wearing and weatherproof painting system which is sprayed onto the walls using a pressure spray pump.

end wall of house in exeter with never paint again wall coating

What are the benefits of having a Never Paint Again Wall coating on my home?

The never paint again wall coating system is available only through ourselves, and is applied by our own teams, we do NOT use subcontractors and as such we guarantee the best quality exterior painting each and every time.

  • No fading, chipping, cracking or peeling
  • Resists rain, snow, dirt, mould and pollution
  • Lowers your home heating bills, saving money.
  • A 20 year written guarantee
  • Conceals cracks, scruffy pebbledash and uneven walls.
  • Cures mould, condensation and penetrating damp.
  • Never fades, with beautiful shades, textures and colours.
  • Stops erosion, cracks, flaky paint, damp and mould.

How do I find out how much it costs, and timescales?

At the time of writing, our current lead time is between 2 and 3 months, solely down to delays in 2020 caused by the pandemic, and a mad rush (!) for our services, which this year is unprecedented, although things change weekly so it’s worth getting in contact with us to ask.

We can price up the work safely and socially distant, we can even deal with your price enquiry over the phone, provided you have sent us either video or photos of the house.

All our team work safely and adhering to current government guidelines, using hand sanitiser, masks, gloves and so on, and of course we do not need to enter your house or come anywhere near you, just sit back and relax while we do all the hard work.

We of course repair and paint “normal” homes too, not just listed buildings, and you can see a selection of our work by scrolling back to the top of the page and in the menu selecting “case studies” or “gallery“.


For a price enquiry, please call us any time, on 0800 970 4928 or click and send us an email today.

This is the review the customers posted on Google

After booking this in last October we finally, after the horrendous 2019 weather and 2020 Covid, during which the office kept in touch to reassure us. We have just had our house rendered/coated by NPA (obviously) and it looks amazing.

But that is only half of it, a can of paint chucked over would have made some improvement – it WAS that bad. No the workmanship and care taken was extraordinary and with this house and the many, many angles it has (rectangles are for wimps) made this a long and misleading job.

Throughout though Daniel and Trevor kept at it and the result is literally transformative. I do not expect to have to deal with NPA again for a long time but that is just my way of saying it is a quality product – it shines!.

Recommended? Absolutely and unreservedly.

James & Susan, Poltimore, Devon


Additional info:

Project carried out in June 2020 with fine weather. Duration of works: 6 days

The never paint again company, 10 Drake mill business Park, Estover, Plymouth, Devon PL6 7PS

Products used: Wethertex MP44 masonry coating, Wethertex AX1 pliolite render, X71 Polymer Levelling Base Coat

Price enquiries: 0800 970 4928 (Monday to Saturday during office hours)

Wethertex X71 polymer render

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