norfolk house after rendering and painting with nice blue sky

Repairing and painting a house in Norfolk with wall coatings, whilst enjoying the beautiful skies!

Sometimes we get to work on homes in stunning settings, and this detached house in rural Norfolk was no exception.

Surrounded by endless farmland and looked down upon by a beautiful English sky, as you can see from the above photo, the house needed repairs to some rendering which was in poor condition.

We weatherproofed it with our famous “Never Paint Again” wall coating system, a paint finish which lasts for over 20 years, and this page shows you what we did!

The problem with many of the old fashioned painters and decorators is that they only want to paint, they rarely wish to carry out necessary repairs if a building needs it, essential if any paint job is going to last.

That’s just one reason why thousands of homeowners have chosen ourselves to repair and paint the outside of their home, with outstanding online reviews to prove it!

If your house needs more than just paint, you won’t need to find a rendering company near to you as well as a local painting contractor: We do the complete job, everything that needs doing, from start to finish!

We can patch repair render, we do not need to re-render the whole house before painting.

The problem with doing patch repairs is always the fact that once normal masonry paint is put over the top, you can often see the outline of the repair, resulting in a home with a poor external appearance.

This is why a decorator will often get a builder in to do extensive (and expensive) re-rendering as he or she knows they won’t be able to hide the repairs under the paint.

But WE can.

rear of norfolk house before work

As you can see above, the areas of the rendering that were hollow were removed and we patch repaired the missing bits.

We then smoothed the edges out using a plasterers float and a damp sponge.

Putting masonry paint on this will give a poor finish, but our textured wall coating system will hide the repairs as it is 20 times the thickness of normal paint, so once we spray-on our coating, the end results look fabulous and all repairs are invisible.

Here we see repairs to render on the gable end wall

gable end rendering repairs

The render caused damp to enter the home which is never a good sign.

Once our wall coating system is applied by the team, not only will it stop the damp, it will also not fade, crack, chip or peel away, meaning that once we complete the painting on your house, you won’t see us again for 2 decades!

Don’t worry, we won’t take it personally!

We carry out a full crack repair service on each house painting job we do.

crack repair to render

Once we found this crack, under a ground floor window, we cut it out with an angle grinder, filled the gap with an expoxy resin mortar, and then delicately rendered over the open face of the crack in the wall, and once the coating is applied, this nastiness will be a distant memory.

Once the repairs are complete, we always walk around with the customer to ensure they are happy with the thoroughness of the repair work before we carry on to the next stage, which is preparing the house for paint.

The first thing we do is make sure all the old, flaking paint is removed, which you can see in the image above.

We then cover the doors and windows to prevent any mess while we work, and to give us neat, clean lines around all openings in the wall surface area.

We then hand-apply a waterproof, breathable primer coating and allow to dry.

We then spray-apply Wethertex MP44 textured masonry coating over the whole house, which is the quickest part of any of our exterior wall coating jobs.

We then de-mask the windows, pack away the dustsheets and tarps back into the van, and clean up and remove every single bit of mess, grime, trash or dirt, leaving your house cleaner then when we arrived, and of course, looking MUCH better!

gable end of norfolk house after never paint again coating

Clear proof that having us carry out patch repairs to your rendered walls mean what initially looked terrible, now looks great, and with a clean and tidy, uniform finish across the whole house.

A finish that will stay good for 20 years, guaranteed in writing.

Our house painting service is available across England and Wales, with offices near to you.

Each job takes between 3 and 6 days, depending on size, the time of year, and how much repair the house needs.

Here is another before and after photo of the house once we had completed the render and paint work.

norfolk after wall coatings

No more repairs or decorating is needed for the next 2 decades, saving this householder a fortune over time, but at a price that is not as expensive as you think!

If this service interests you, why not get in touch for a chat?

You can call us, Monday to Saturday (office hours) on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email and let’s speak about your house, and what you would like to have done to the outside of it.

Speak soon and thanks for reading!

Kind regards from,


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