Brighton exterior wall coatings

Sussex Pebbledashed house painted with textured coatings

This property in Brighton had suffered badly at the hands of the previous owner, a social landlord, who like many landlords, failed to maintain his “asset”.

Never paint again was contracted to restore the rear of the house only, including much repair work. Here’s what we did.

When someone buys a house, especially a “Bargain” one at an auction, often many things have to be done before the house can be seen in its former glory; after all, investing in your home with home improvements like this, can only bring financial benefits to you, even in a depressed housing market.

It was great, for me anyway, to get down to the south coast and see a bit of Brighton again after so long. You see, I lived there for a couple of years, back in 1989-1991, something like that, in Canning street, Kemp town, the same road as “Metway” the Levellers studio and magnet for odd “crusty” types!

I still recall the cockney slang they all used there, whether it as just to baffle a Devon yokel like me I don’t know, but I’m reliably informed that a house, in Brighton speak, is a “drum”, although the one that used to make me crack up is ordering “lilian gish and jockey whips” (fish n chips). Gaw blimey guvna! LOL!

I digress.

Pebbledashed house painting is not easy!

As you can see from the first photo, the wall was a right state and needed some serious attention; far more than any decorator with a paint brush could handle.

Much of the painted pebbledash surface had perished due to the effects of the weather on the south coast and of course, a complete lack of any painting or repair for many years so we really had our work cut out!

The shot of the house below will easily show you the poor condition of the both the pebble-dash and of the remains of the paint that was on it.

I don’t think this property had seen a paint brush for some time!


a semi detached house in need of tlc

We carried out various repairs to the external walls including removing all the old flaky paint and as the new owner had installed recent UPVC double glazing, we had some re-rendering to do also as you can see in this photo.

The flaking paint was removed using powerwashers and good old fashioned elbow grease, after all, we could not apply our wall coating on top of tired and flaking paint so the surface has to be in good order before we proceed.

making good around new windows

Once the rendering and reinstatement of the external walls were complete, including the installation of a new window which our team did for the owners, we then masked up the doors and windows, and protected the next doors house too.

We then applied a cement stabilising coating and allowed to dry.

The next stage of installing the special weatherproof textured coatings was to apply NPA primer to the walls, and then we had to spray apply our external wall coating to the exterior of the house using our special spray machine.

The coating is applied by spray which not only covers every nook and cranny, far better than a paint brush or roller, but it means that the wall coating is literally fused to the surface and will stay looking great, and repelling the UK weather, for at least 20 years and that is guaranteed.

The completed wall coating job!

This property will now not need painting, or any maintenance at all, for up to 20 years!


To find out more about this long life painting system, email the office today, or call us free on (0800) 970 4928 and speak to one of our lovely ladies.

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