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cumbrian peak district guest house painted

We paint the exterior of private homes up and down the country but occasionally we get asked to paint a commercial premises.

This beautiful guest house nestled high in the Cumbrian lake district, was painted with a long life NEVER PAINT AGAIN exterior wall coating!

The property is situated near to the town of Cockermouth, was previously named Redmain house, and the owner contacted us to refurbish the exterior of this charming property, to be used for a high class and very high quality, traditional guest house.

Guest house refurbishment is something we are good at and here is an example of our work!

We understand that this building is now known as “Huddlestone cottage and the hayloft”

Our main exterior wall coating application contractors have been highly commended by our clients, for such an excellent transformation of this delightful holiday accommodation, which was implemented through the guidance of a respected local Chartered engineer and surveyor.

Here is a view of the rear of the guest house premises

Large holiday accommodation in Cumbria
Large holiday accommodation in Cumbria

We have repaired old and loose render here, fixed loose mortar joints, sealed cracks in the tyrolean and the rendered walls, and re-pointed the stone work, we protected the bare stone with an invisible silicone waterproof coatings.

The painted part (and more modern extension) to the property was fully repaired and then coated with 2 coats of NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured masonry coating, the product leader in its field.

This amazing image shows the front of the house after painting

Exterior house painters transform this house in Cumbria
Exterior house painters transform this house in Cumbria

This fine house will be warmly welcoming guests to a pristine finished building for at least the next 20 years under guarantee, and who knows, maybe even longer!

This delightful house is arranged into high quality holiday apartments.

We wish the owners every success with their holiday cottages venture.

Here is what the painted pebbledash at the rear looked like

Painted pebbledash house
Painted pebbledash house

If your home was textured coated and you think it looks fab and want to show it off on our site, no problem!

People whose homes appear on our site, such as in the before and after gallery, get a substantial discount off our normal, and already low, prices.

With the exception of business premises, we do not publish the addresses of our clients!

Here is another view of the rear of the newly fixed up house

Exterior house wall painting in the north of England
Exterior house wall painting in the north of England

If you own holiday or guest accommodation such as barns, flats, blocks of apartments, town houses, Holiday villas, lets, 2nd homes and so on, please contact us today for an estimate of price, we are confident that we can save you a lot of money and hassle!

The paintwork at the rear of the guest house again.

A nice paint job!
A nice paint job!

When we work on the outside of a building, we like to carry out ALL the works needed and not leave anything that the owner will have to call in another contractor, so when we had finished the paint there was a bit more work to do.

We also applied a clear waterproof wall coating to the unpainted stone

Clear waterproof wall coatings are protecting the stone from the rain
Clear waterproof wall coatings are protecting the stone from the rain

One of the things we had to do once the painting had been completed was to apply a clear waterproof wall coating to the stonework, which was actually in quite good condition requiring little repair.

However the belt and braces approach to doing up the exterior of the house will pay dividends in the future as the house will need no repair or painting at all, and that is backed up with a 20 year guarantee.

The exterior paint on the walls are now good for at least 20 years meaning the owners will not have the hassle of having decorators around, nor will they need to spend another penny on decorating.

If you would like to find out how much this costs on your home, please pick up the phone and call us on 0800 970 4928

For a fast house painting quote you can also send us an email

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