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Painting a terraced house in Liverpool, with Wethertex wall coatings

Now and again we pick random completed wall coating jobs and display them on our site, and here is yet another example of what we do to people’s homes, the sheer level of preperation that goes into each and every job is evident!

Here’s a 2 bedroom terraced house in central Liverpool with the full NEVER PAINT AGAIN treatment.

There are literally HUNDREDS of examples of our work all around the UK on this website, so many that I stand the risk of repeating myself (!) over and over again.

Although each house is treated differently than the last one, for example the amount of work we put into a large property is of course different than the sort of work we do to a small home such as this, and some places need lots of repair, some don’t.

Our wall coating system is far more than just posh outdoor wall paint, it’s a complete wall refurb system in a can.

Here is the work we did to externally paint a small brick-built terraced house in Liverpool.

Each house has it’s own challenges, especially the larger homes we get to renovate, so you would think a tiny place like this would be easy-peasy yes? Not quite.

This house, for example, opens right out onto the street, so careful consideration had to be made with the safety of pedestrians and of course any cars parked nearby.

In addition to that, the property had a very VERY narrow side alleyway which we had to get specially scaffolded so we could work on the wall surface, and you can see how tight a space it was for us, in the photo below.

house in liverpool, masked up and with bagging coat-

The photo above shows work in progress, with the walls having being repaired, we masked up the windows and applied a latex bonded primer, cement based, to the walls to stabilise the surface.

We then applied a Wethertex primer, by hand, on the front, rear and side walls.

We then, by means of a special spraying machine, applied a thick coat of Wethertex MP44 Textured wall coating to a good finish, one that will last for at least 20 years.

We do exterior house painting a bit different to the rest!

As you can see, we are as far removed from a traditional painter and decorator in Liverpool as you can possibly get.

At the end of the day, the result is a freshly painted house, but the big difference is that this house will not need another drop of paint at all, for at least 20 years, and that comes with a guarantee too.

If you ask the opinion of a traditional painter and decorator, most will scoff at the thought, but do you know why?

Yes, because they want to come back to your house every other year, and take your money to repaint coat on top of coat of some poor quality paint.

They want your money.

Well, they can’t have it…….

We saved our customer £1000’s over the next 2 decades, maybe we can save you money too?

Here is how the side and rear walls looked before painting.

You can see our men had to work in a very tight space but fear not ladies (!) they are all fit and strong and were able to fit through the gap and get that side wall painted.

side wall of terraced home in liverpool


The photo above shows the primer stage, which we allowed to dry for one day and then sprayed our Wethertex wall coating onto the wall, fusing it to the masonry surface but allowing the walls to breathe naturally.

This textured exterior wall coating has been developed by ourselves over many years and we believe it is the most durable and long lasting product of its type in the UK.

Here is how the rear of this Liverpool home looked after repainting

rear of terraced house in liverpool with a new paint job-min

It certainly puts the neighbours house to shame doesn’t it?

It was very tight to work at the back also, as you can see, and we couldn’t even get back far enough to take a decent photo!

Here’s the front of the house again, fully weatherproofed and free of painting for at least 20 years.

front of Liverpool house with exterior textured wall coating-min

As you can see, attention to detail is our “thing”, so once the walls were done, we got to work picking out the lovely little features, and the window cills, in black, to make sure this quaint home kept it’s character.

If this sort of new paint job looks expensive, it isn’t, although I can hear you saying that I would say that wouldn’t I?

Find out for yourself how much it costs to have on your home today by calling us FREE on 0800 970 4928 or clicking on CONTACT and sending us an email via our secure encrypted server.

Advice is free, as are estimates, and we don’t just paint homes in Liverpool and Merseyside, we work all across the UK. We look ahead to hearing from you, and maybe the possibility of painting the outside of your house at some point in the future. Thanks for reading.

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