Watching paint dry suddenly gets interesting, on this house in Yorkshire!

Watching paint dry is usually a boring pursuit, but in this case, the weatherproof wall coating paint system we used on this house in Yorkshire was actually quite interesting!

Why? Because we’re not your average house painter, we spend a lot of time getting to know our clients and what they want, which can be clearly seen in this external renovation of a lovely detached house in Harrogate, Yorkshire.

Our customers expect the best, and that’s exactly what they get, the best.

The best exterior house painting system is not always the most expensive.

The best exterior house paint for the outside of your house is what many sensible people aspire to when it comes time to redecorate their house, but what do we mean by “the best”?

Does it mean the best price? The best range of colours? The best finish?

The best customer service? The best painting contractor?

The best value for money?

Why not have all of that?

Let’s find out, using this example of our house painting work, in Harrogate, Yorkshire

It’s often a fair bit of hassle trying to find someone decent every other year to paint your house. Calling or emailing decorators, and even then, only a few will actually call you back.

I guess these customers got fed up of trying to find a good decorator in Harrogate so they called us!

What if we showed you a way to have the best exterior paint job on your home, but without the need to repaint it for the next 20 years?

All from a reliable and trusted house painting company.

Whilst your average Joe painter will slap on some cheap paint and that’s it, we undertake a full restoration and renovation of the actual wall surface of the house before applying any paint at all.

This means stripping away years of neglect, poor workmanship, dirt, grime and everything else mother nature throws at a house.

Let’s take a look at the house we were working on in more detail.

Here is what we started with.

A lovely, spacious family home, but with a barrel of problems on the walls, which the previous owners had got a decorator in and simply covered over with layer upon layer of masonry paint.

This would have happened year after year after year!



I have to tell you that this is what typical (but not all) house painters and decorators would do, just cover over the paint from last time with pretty much zero prep work.

That doesn’t make for a good property paint job.

What did our team do?

We powerwashed the walls to remove the decades of old paint.

We then hammer tested the surface to locate cracks and areas of problem render.

We then cut out and filled the cracks with an epoxy resin mortar, meaning they will not open up again. (Your “cowboy” house painter would have just stuck decorators caulk in the cracks.)

We then removed the areas of hollow and loose rendering, and replaced those sections to match.

There was even more flaky paint and hollow render to the rear of the property!



This would the stage where your local decorator would give up and go down the pub, but not us, we’re only just getting started.

Despite us having to remove acres of old paint, we made sure the gardens and plants were covered up, so that once we had completed the exterior paint removal, we quickly had the work area spotless again.

The wall coating process explained.

  1. An in depth analysis of the property, including defects
  2. A plan to remedy the defects, such as rendering or cracks
  3. Carry out all repairs where needed
  4. mask up doors and windows and lay dust sheets
  5. Apply by hand a “Wethertex” masonry primer.
  6. Spray apply our protective exterior wall coating
  7. Remove masking and clean site
  8. That’s it! Your home is free of repair and paint for 20 years

Here is what the rear of the house looked like once we had repaired it and applied our wall coating to the exterior.


rear of house in harrogate with exterior wall coating


So there we have it, an old house brought back to life, fully repaired, weatherproofed, and then spray painted with a smooth masonry wall coating, a specialist exterior paint finish that does far more than paint.

This property, in fact all of our completed house painting jobs, now have the very best paint finish that money can buy!

Applied by the best teams (our own teams, not sub contractors) and finished to the best standard, which is why we confidently offer a 20 year guarantee on all work!

Our attention to detail in all our work means that yes, we really do enjoy watching paint dry!

This house painting system is available across England and Wales so why not get in touch with us today for prices and information?

This could be the best choice for your home you ever made and it’s not as expensive as it looks.

We will always give you the BEST price and will beat the quote of any competitor.

Whilst we’re doing the important task of watching our paint dry, why not give us a call on 0800 970 4928 or send us an email and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours, usually sooner.


Or you could just give up and do this…..

We’re watching paint dry. It’s great!

watching paint dry


All images copyright NPA 2019. Image of man in front of a wall: public domain photo
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