aesthetic solutions truro conrwall after exterior painting with never paint again wall coatings

Our exterior painting brings beauty to this Doctors surgery in Cornwall

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

This beauty clinic and Doctors surgery in Truro, Cornwall looked fantastic internally, but the exterior was unpainted pebbledash and did not make for a pleasing look.

The owners of the business wanted to brighten up the exterior of the building, but without resorting to having to paint the pebbledash each year so they called us. We are experts in transforming pebbledash.

Which is why they chose our commercial painting department to install a long life Wethertex wall coating, a paint finish that needs no further painting for at least 20 years.

Here is what we did to achieve this transformation.

Turning beauty into something even more beautiful, with a NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating for pebbledash.

Most people know us for the work we do painting houses but did you know we also paint business premises too?

In fact we have painted houses in Truro and elsewhere in Cornwall, on many occasions, since the mid 80’s, so a bit of local knowledge goes a long way.

The owners of this beauty treatment clinic contacted us to bring some life back into the pebbledashed exterior which looked dull and uninspiring.

It was obvious that a tremendous amount of time and money had gone in to the interior, it was very nice indeed, but they knew the outside let the place down a bit, and perhaps not the best 1st impression when a client turns up?

Here is the building in Truro before the painting work started.

Aesthetic solutions cornwall before painting a dull pebbledahed wall in cornwall


It was functional, and served it’s intended purpose, but with a business such as this, with its focus on health and beauty, that concept needed to envelope the entire site, both inside and outside, so our pebbledash covering system was just what they needed.

The building itself was in quite good condition and no major repairs needed to be carried out on the house, which also brought the overall cost of having a wall coating down significantly.

One thing with pebbledash is the fact that once it has been painted with masonry paint, it will normally require further painting, usually every 2 years, in order to maintain its appearance.

Our exterior wall coatings look just like the best quality masonry paint, but they do not need to be repainted again for 20 years, making a considerable cost saving, so when you are looking for a painter and decorator in Cornwall you now know who to call!


If you are unsure what a wall coating is, there is plenty of info on this site to learn.

Here is a close up of a side wall, covered with ugly old pebbledash

close up of pebbledash on this building in truro

You can see that over time many of the pebbles had fallen out, leaving unsightly bald and flat areas on the wall.

When the pebbles fall off, which they always do, the wall starts to lose it’s ability to repel the weather, which is when internal damp starts to show.

Thankfully the owners had caught the problem just in time.

The wall coating process briefly explained

Installing one of our long life coatings is not quite as straightforward as a traditional decorator turning up and splashing on a bit of paint.

We firstly carry out any needed repairs and remedial work, ensuring the walls are free of defects and the surface itself is a uniform finish across the entire building.

We achieved this, in the case of the bald areas of pebbledash, by recreating the texture with a tyrolean machine, which made the texture the same so you could not not see the bald areas of wall found previously.

Stones falling off a wall like this is a common issue which we find more often on newer pebbledashed homes rather than older styles which used high quality dredged pebbles from the sea bed.

We then masked up the doors and windows as to avoid any mess, and hand applied a cement bonded slurry mix, which stabilised the wall and provided a good surface to accept the next coat of paint.

We then hand-applied a primer coat to the wall, which is what you can see here.


Aesthetic solutions truro cornwall having a new paint job


Once this has dried, our teams started to set up our spraying machine.

Our Wethertex wall coatings are very thick and cannot be applied by brush or roller, they need to be sprayed on.

We then sprayed a high performance coating across the whole building and allowed a couple of hours to become touch dry before the masking paper was removed and taken away for disposal.

The sign of a good commercial decorator in Cornwall is to not leave any mess after the work and we cleaned up so much the site was tidier than when we arrived.

Now this building is maintenance free, looks great, and will require no further external decoration for 20 years.

aesthetic solutions truro conrwall after exterior painting with never paint again wall coatings


The wall coating installed here will not fade, crack, chip or peel for at least 20 years, and that is covered by a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind.

If you own a house or a commercial premises, and you would like the outside painted, and with the minimum of fuss and hassle, get in touch today.

All quotes and estimates for pebbledash painting are free, and you can call us on 0800 970 4928

Similarly, if you are looking for how much it costs to paint a pebbledashed house, send the team an email for an estimate of cost

Project carried out for: The Never paint Again Wall Coating Company, 10 Drake mill business park, Plymouth, Devon, PL6 7PS


About the customer


Finally, Ladies, if you are looking to be pampered and you happen to live in Cornwall, visit them at


Their website says that they …….” offer a private and confidential service at their tranquil and discretely located clinic which has private, off-street car parking.

They have several treatment rooms within which they provide the most up-to-date, professional, medical aesthetic treatments.

Husband and wife team, Simon and Kerry founded Aesthetic Solutions with a passion to provide natural results for anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation services. Whilst Simon is still a practising GP, Kerry exclusively runs the Aesthetic Solutions clinic……..”

They can be contacted on 01872 272520

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