Terraced house in Porthmadog Wales freshly painted exterior with Wethertex wall coatings

We use paint that stays white for 20 years, so we used it on this house in Wales

A white exterior paint that keeps its original colour over time and doesn’t fade? Surely not?

Actually, YES.

Masonry paint, either trade or DIY paint, will only last a couple of winters before the film of paint begins to deteriorate, but not our wall coatings, as they are guaranteed NOT to fade, for at least 2 decades.

Here is our house painting system in action, on a terraced house in the Welsh town of Porthmadoc.

This charming but unassuming traditional Welsh home needed an exterior makeover, it needed something that the owners wanted to have done, and then forget about.

If you have your house painted with traditional masonry paint, the sort that any old Tom, Dick or Harry can go and buy in a shop, it will not last much more than 2 years before it needs to be done again.

The NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating system does not need to be repainted as it lasts for over 20 years.

Here we show you that various stages of applying a long life wall coating which beats paint many times over and is specially made for us by Wethertex.

Yes, Wethertex wall coatings are the gift that keeps on giving…

A full 20 years, ….TWO DECADES OF YOUR LIFE…., not having to pay anyone to repair or paint the outside of your house!

It’s not an expensive process either, plus a house like this takes only 3 days from start to finish, so choosing us to paint your house means no more hassle, both in the short and the long term.

Here we see our team carrying out preparation works before painting.

Porthmadog front of house repaired before wall coating


In ensuring that our masonry painting system really does last over 20 years, our team take a lot more time and effort in wall surface preparation than a local painter and decorator would.

In fact this is more like an exterior makeover than a paint job.

In the above photo of the front of the house, you can see that all repairs have been carried out, the windows have been masked up, and a cement slurry has been applied to the wall, which consolidates the surface and gives a good “key” for the next stage, which is to apply a primer coating.

Here we can see the same process carried out to the rear of the house

Porthmadog rear of house during repairs

One reason we always mask up the doors, windows and gutters is the fact that once we spray our wall coating system onto the house, all we have to do is take the paper off the windows and “dyna ni!” a nice clean and tidy job, the results of which you can see further down this page.

The next wall preparation stage is to apply the “Wethertex” primer by hand, to the whole wall surface, a bit like this.

Porthmadog house rear with primer

The primer is allowed to dry for a couple of hours, which give us ample opportunity to get our spray machine out of the van and start to prepare the equipment for paint spraying onto the walls.

As you can see, we HATE leaving any mess, so its dustsheets and tarpaulins down on the ground, complementing the already masked up doors and windows.

We also take great care when working on terraced homes like this, not to make any mess go onto your neighbours property.

You can see the front here with the primer, just one more stage of the process to go

Porthmadog house masked up and with wethertex primer

As the front of the house opens directly onto the road, we take great care in not only making sure no mess is made, but we also protect pedestrians and neighbours whilst work is taking place so as to not inconvenience anyone.

We were in and out from start to finish, in only 3 days.

Here is the finished article, a freshly painted house, and one that will STAY looking as good as this for the next 20 years, guaranteed.

Terraced house in Porthmadog Wales freshly painted exterior with Wethertex wall coatings

As you can see, once the work had finished, we set about cleaning up the site as to not leave any mess, very important as it is directly facing the street, so if we didn’t clear up properly, the lads from Gwynedd council would be on our backs!

We also recognise that we are not working on a building site, we are working on your home, so we try our hardest to minimise any disruption.

Finally, here is the rear of the property, with a brand new aesthetically pleasing wall coating.

Porthmadog house painting at rear of house

The exterior paint on this home will not not need to be re-painted for the next 20 years, and that is guaranteed.

An aesthetically pleasing wall coating is exactly what it says it is.

It’s a paint coating, which can be applied to any sort of house, and it looks great! Not only does it look good, but it will carry on looking good for the next 20 years, guaranteed.

So if we don’t actually use masonry paint to paint a house, what DO we use?

Normal house paint will only last a couple of winters before it starts to break down, so what do we use in place of paint, that lasts upwards of 20 years and doesn’t fade or crack?


We use the Wethertex MP44 exterior textured coating system, made to our specifications by one of the UK’s largest coating manufacturers.

This super durable masonry exterior wall coating product with its microporous technology, it acts as a breathable, flexible “skin” across the entire house exterior.

It hides all blemishes and previous repairs on the wall, and provides a seamless and weatherproof protective paint finish.

A full repair programme is included in the price, which commonly includes re-rendering or repairs to render, pebbledash repair, brickwork repairs and so on.

It is guaranteed for 20 years NOT TO crack, fade, chip or peel, something that normal masonry paint can never achieve.

It is also completely weatherproof and waterproof but still fully breathable and does not “seal” the house, allowing natural movement at all times and for the duration of its lifespan. (20 years minimum)

A popular benefit of this paint system is the fact that it will stop penetrating damp, mildew, condensation and mould permanently and It is available in many different textures and colours, all of which do not fade.

How to get a quote for this exterior wall coating system

We offer free and no obligation quotations from the comfort of your own home. Our services are available across Wales, England, and most of Scotland, via a network of accredited dealers.

All you have to do is to contact us for an initial chat, on 0800 970 4928 or click on CONTACT above.

Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon!

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