rear of plympton house with wall coating

A Perfectly Presented Painted Pebbledashed Property in Plympton!

Pebbledash is one of those “marmite” wall coverings, you either love it or hate it, and these homeowners in Plympton (Devon) had an impressive house but the outside appearance just didn’t cut the mustard.

One fine sunny week in July saw our team transform this house with our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN pebbledash painting system, the long life house paint that looks this good for 2 decades, guaranteed.

Plympton was a market town in South Devon, until it got swallowed up by the ever expanding city of Plymouth.

I know the area well and grew up in my teens in the town, literally 3 streets away from this property, so the owners knew they were getting expert local knowledge, even from us, a national company!

Here is what we did to completely transform the look and feel of a pebbledashed house.

The thing with pebbledash, or in this case the more modern version, which is known as Spar dash, it is so heavily textured, if you tried to paint it using a brush or roller, not only would it take forever and a day, it would probably look terrible.

This is where our famous pebbledash painting system comes into it’s own.

After much preparation, we don’t apply paint by brush, we SPRAY it on, which enables the thick wall coating material to be literally blasted into every nook and cranny, leaving, as you can see, a beautiful rich, deep and long lasting exterior paint finish.

Here is the front of the house before we started work

front of pebbledashed house in plympton before painting

Regardless of anyone’s opinion of pebbledash, it’s a smart property which has been very well cared for, and as it wasn’t too old, we did not have to do much in the way of repair work to get the wall surface up to scratch.

Your typical painter and decorator in Plympton, or anywhere for that matter, would be hard pressed to paint this using his normal methods, and even then, it would take absolutely AGES.

Not so with our system. This job was completed, start to finish, in 4 days.

Here is a close up of the pebbledashed surface we had to work with


Once again, it has stood the test of time and has probably been like this since the 70’s or 80’s when I would estimate the house was built, but regardless, it still looks dull and uninspiring at this point.

Which is why we were there I guess!

The wall coating method explained.

Unlike a traditional painter, we spend a fair bit of time doing prep work.

On this occasion, we masked up all doors and windows, and laid dustsheets down, so no matter what house we are painting, we never make, or leave a mess.

We then hand-applied a cementious slurry with bonding primers and consolidation elements, which prepares the walls and gives us a good surface to work with.

It also makes sure none of the tiny stones or pebbles ever fall off the wall again.

We then hand apply a primer coating across the entire house, and wait for it to dry, which during summer time, does not take long at all.

This is what the rear of the house looked like before we started

rear of plynpton house with unpainted pebbledash


Whenever we paint a house that has been added to, such as this conservatory, we have to have scaffolding erected, in this case done by us by a local Plympton-based scaffolding company.

This photo shows you what a house looks like in the middle of the exterior coating process.

The scaffolding has been put up, the walls cleaned and repaired, and the doors and windows masked up.

At this stage, although it looks like we are going down the road to the local “Ridgeway” Post Office to send it somewhere, but nope, rest assured the house is still there!

Rear of house in Plympton having a never paint again wall coating applied

The process above is of course repeated across the whole of the property.

We then get our spraying machine out of the van, mix up the required amounts, and sprayed the coating across the whole house and allowed a day or so for it to become touch dry.

It is worth noting that the Wethertex system is 20 times the thickness of a normal paint film, meaning that although it is touch-dry in a day, it can take a couple of weeks for it to fully harden.

Once it does, it actually still remains flexible, and breathable too, giving not only a superior exterior wall appearance, it has the added benefit of being completely breathable and impervious to damage from any type of weather.

This comes with a 20 year guarantee, and our coatings are also suitable for rendered houses too.

You can click the following link to learn more about our famous wall coatings.

Here is the front of the house all finished, and guaranteed for 2 decades never to need repainting!

You can compare this with the “before” picture back up the page.

front of plympton house with wethertex wall coating

The photo right back at the start of this shows the REAR of the house all finished, and wow, what a change!

Unlike painting with masonry paint, our system is designed to last much longer, giving you large savings over time, not just in money, but in hassle, upheaval, mess and everything else associated with having work done to your home.

Having your house painted ONCE in 20 years, instead of 7 or 8 times, is music to most peoples ears.

To summarise, this paint finish will stay white, will not fade, crack, chip or peel, it won’t go green and it also stops damp, so what are you waiting for?

It is nowhere near as expensive as it looks, and asking us for a price, costs nothing (we even pay for your call) and does not commit you to anything.

So what did the owners of this property think about the painting we did?

This is what they left for us on Google.

“We’re so glad that we used Never Paint Again to render and paint our house, everything from beginning to end was explained very clearly and the work efficiently and professionally completed.

Thanks to Carl, Craig & Nick for doing such a great job! Will definitely recommend…our neighbours are already tempted!”

Work carried out by The Never Paint Again wall coating company, 10 Drake Mill business park, Plymbridge road, Estover, Plymouth PL6 7PS

Call us for prices and availability on (0800) 970 4928 or contact us via email for an online house painting estimate.

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