A bungalow in Salisbury wiltshire

High build textured exterior textured wall coatings. An example from WIltshire

Over time, the weather can take its toll on the exterior walls of your house, causing problems such as blown bricks, loose pebbledash or hollow rendering, all of which can be costly to fix, and even more costly to keep it from coming back again.

This high build wall coating system is ideal for homes that need more than just that “lick of paint”.

This is especially true when houses are facing the direction of weather, such as coastal moorland or exposed areas, so this bungalow in Salisbury, Wiltshire, was an ideal candidate for our exterior wall refurbishment system.

In this blog post, we explain what happened to this house, why the weather did what it did, and what we did as a company, to repair the house for the owner, and of course make it look good as new!

Repairing and coating a weather beaten house in Salisbury, Wiltshire, with a high build coating.

We were called in by the owner of this bungalow as, although the house was in OK condition, he had constant problems with his end gable wall.

It faced the weather and as such, when it rained, it rained ONTO the wall, and when the wind blew, it blew ONTO the wall too.

When this is combined and you have rain being driven onto the wall by the wind, it saturates the wall.

The water soaks into the bricks and stays there.

Over time the water inside the bricks freezes.

When water freezes, it expands, so you can probably guess why the brickwork on the wall was in a very poor state of repair.

This is how bad condition the bricks in the wall were in.

Brick wall of a house in poor condition


The front “face” of the bricks had come away in many places, so much so that in some cases, our team could literally peel the front of the brick away from the wall!

You don’t need to be a general builder to realise that is not good and it is worth noting that your local exterior house painter would be unable to accept such a job.

What did we do to repair this house and sort out the damage erosion had done?

All of our exterior wall coatings jobs come with a full repair package, meaning that once the team leaves the site, you will need nothing at all doing to the house for the next 20 years and that comes with a  guarantee in writing!

Here’s what we did to make it better again.

The first thing we did after realising how bad condition the wall was in, was to start to remove all the many loose bricks and brick pointing mortar joints, and then tidy any mess away.

We then mixed up a solution of unibond and water and brushed it over the exposed faces of each brick. We then reinstated the face of the brick using render, cutting it into the shape of a brick so it matched up.

This is definitely the stage where the house looks its worst!

salisbury gable end during work-min
Work in progress…

We then mixed up a solution of unibond and water and brushed it over the exposed faces of each brick.

We then reinstated the face of the brick using render, cutting it into the shape of a brick so it matched up.

We then scraped away the old paint which, although it was a top brand of masonry paint, and only a couple of years old, had deteriorated so badly that not only did it look rough, it let damp inside the house too.

We then masked up the windows, laid dust sheets on the floor and hand-applied a bonded cement slurry across the entire elevation and allowed to dry.

As you can see the house is now in a sort of grey primer coat.

It may look as dull as granny’s dishwater, but the erosion damage has been completely cured, so now onto the next stage.

Salisbury gable end work in progress
Here we see the cement slurry coat. And a team members bum………!


When we returned the next day, the coating was nice and dry, so we laid out the sheets on the floor again, and hand painted a weatherproof paint primer across the entire wall and allowed to dry.

The final stage was to spray apply a thick high build protective wall coating paint finish onto the wall, which is fused onto the surface and gives a very durable, weather-protected paint finish that needs no more painting or repairs for at least 20 years!

On damaged wall surfaces such as this, it is of vital importance to choose a thick, high-build coating to eliminate the various imperfections across the wall surface.

If you applied normal paint to this, you would still see the repaired areas and it would look awful.

I don’t know about you, but this previously scruffy wall looks a hundred times better after a wall coating treatment!

A bungalow in Salisbury wiltshire

The owner of this house will have no more problems at all with the exterior and will not need to contact a house painter for the next 20 years.

How much does your exterior wall coating system cost?

Although we do not have an average price list as no job we ever do is the same as the last one, we can tell you that the work and wall treatment for this property was very competitive and far cheaper than calling a builder to repair it and then paint it.

This is coupled with the fact he would have had to return each 2 years to repaint it, so the owner saved a fortune!

Larger homes would of course be more expensive on a sliding scale, as would houses in very poor condition and requiring major repair work but all homes can benefit from our textured exterior wall coatings

We work across the UK, so if you want a house painting quote so you know how your home exterior can be completely maintenance free and looking great, give us a call on 0800 970 4928 or click the CONTACT button to get our attention.



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