Front of house in Berkshire being painted during cold weather

This example of our wall coating on a house in Berkshire, in the snow, proves its weatherproof credentials!

Springtime 2018 came and went in a flash thanks to the freak weather system known as the “Beast from the East”, where whole swathes of the UK simply shut down as no-one could cope with the unexpected snow!

However as our fitting teams are hardy Yorkshiremen (!), they eat weather like this for breakfast, so without further ado, let’s see a house repair and painting job they did in Berkshire, during one of the coldest Spring times on record.

Now, I hear you say, “You can’t paint a house when it’s cold as the paint freezes!”.

That is technically correct, however, we don’t use paint!

Let me explain……

Your traditional painter and decorator will use masonry paint to decorate the outside of your house.

This paint, yes even the top brands, CONTAIN WATER, yes, coloured water is painted onto your home, giving you maybe a nice look but absolutely zero protection from the weather, plus it needs constant repainting and maintenance.

The major brands of paint don’t tell the public as they want you to CARRY ON buying their paint each year.

The NPA exterior wall coating system can be applied any time of year, including winter, and here is proof!

Our famous NEVER PAINT AGAIN textured exterior wall coating system is actually RESIN-BASED and does not contain water, so it does not freeze.

In fact it can be applied in sub zero conditions, as you are about to see with our latest project, a lovely house in rural Berkshire, all repaired and with a 20 year insurance-backed warranty too!

Let’s have a look at what the house in Berkshire was like when we arrived.


ront of Berkshire house before work started


It hadn’t actually been painted too long ago but, especially in rural areas like this, the weather gave the paint such a beating, it didn’t last very long at all.

The house needed a good makeover, something to brighten it up, plus it needed some good weather protection, something that paint will not give but our exterior wall coating system WILL.

The makeover theme carried on on we went around the building, as these next photos show.


A berkshire home in need of some TLC

This house was painted externally only a couple of years ago, and already you can see the walls are porous, hence the various patches you can see on the walls.

This is because masonry paint affords zero protection from damp and driving rain, causing dampness and mould inside the house, which will now be cured, with our damp proof wall coating system.

I may add that on day one, the weather was not too bad but it soon got worse. Much worse.


Here are some more shots of what the house looked like when we started

Rear of Berkshire house before painting


A similar view, standing in the customers lovely, and tranquil, garden.

You can see the paint on the walls had some serious issues and from a visual point of view, not very appealing.


Shot of house from garden before work started


Here is what we did to this property to weatherproof and paint it.

The first thing we did is to protect lawns, trees, bushes etc by laying dust sheets and tarpaulins, and then we started to remove the old paint with a power-washer, although we don’t have any photos of that here and it’s pretty self explanatory anyway.

We then masked up and covered the doors and windows with brown paper and tape to avoid any mess.

We then hand applied a cement bonded slurry coat called “Bagging” over the entire wall surface and allowed to dry.

This also contains a brick re-pointing system, meaning once that coat is finished, the bricks all look the same and no bits missing.

We then hand applied a waterproof primer in an off white colour to the walls.

The last job is to spray the wall coating, which is 20 times the thickness of normal paint.

Here’s what we ended up with, something out of a glossy property magazine!


A winter wonderland in Berkshire


OMG it was so COLD working on this house, but the end results were worth it.

As our exterior coatings do not contain water, like masonry paint does, we can work all year round, even during winter.




The front door area is now warm and welcoming. Just compare that with the pictures at the start of the page!

The colour of this paint is called AFRICAN IVORY.

You can see all of our colours on this page

Despite the weather, we successfully completed an exterior makeover with a weatherproof exterior wall coating.



Our very own “Berkshire winter wonderland.”

……In mid March!

…and no we didn’t build a snowman, we didn’t have the time!

Here is another view of our clients house freshly painted. Hard to believe this is the middle of March!



Once again, scroll back up the page and compare this photo with what it used to look like and you have to look twice just to check it is the same house!

The plinth (at the base of the walls) was finished off in a contrasting colour, which really looks good!




This close up photo of the extension shows that whilst our wall coatings are very thick, they settle in well onto the wall, revealing the bricks underneath, preserving the classic lines of the house.

You can see how effective a wall coating is when applied to brick walls


Not only does this prove beyond doubt our claims that our coatings can be successfully applied in sub zero temperatures, it also shows how durable our resin based coatings actually are.

This house not only looks great now, it is fully protected from damp, mould, condensation, snow, heavy rain, in fact it’s got the ultimate weather protection at a cost much cheaper than having it done every 2 years by a decorator!

This system, could be on YOUR house……

This is what the owner of this house had to say about us and our work

“Never Paint Again have just completed the repainting of the outside of our house in very difficult circumstances due to the Beast from the East!!

The team of Dan and Trevor were really excellent being very professional, polite and very very hard working.

We are really impressed with the quality of the Wethertex products which have made an old and peeling painted house look great again. We would happily recommend Never Paint Again to anyone.”

The original review can be found on our Facebook page.

The “beast from the east” was no match for the “Best from the west!”

Here’s how to find out how much this weather-protecting paint system costs

All work we do is displayed on our website, so to get more ideas, choose CASE STUDIES or GALLERY from the menu above to get some more ideas.

As far as pricing, all jobs are different, and pose different challenges. Price is based on the size of your house, obviously, the condition of it, and the sort of work you would like us to do.

This textured exterior wall coating service is not as expensive as it first seems, and all work is covered by a 20 year insurance backed warranty, meaning the owner of this lovely home will not need to repaint it until the year 2038 !!!

To get an idea of price for your home, we need some information from you, so all you have to do is to phone us FREE (Monday to Saturday) on (0800) 970 4928 or click the contact BUTTON below or at the top of the page and let’s talk!

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