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When is the best time to paint exterior walls?

Yes it’s that time of year again when we focus on getting the house painted after a cold and wintry few months, where the weather takes it’s toll on the outside, flaking the paint, causing cracks, and worse things such as damp.

The biggest thing though is that most of us are NOT traditional painters and decorators and it’s one thing to come up with an idea about having the exterior walls of the house painted, and it’s quite another thing to actually go out and paint it yourself!

DIY painting is not always a good idea…

Unless you are competent and experienced in painting houses, it’s a sure bet that if you plan to try to paint your own house this year, chances are you may encounter a few stumbling blocks…..

  • It can take a long time. Do you have the staying power?
  • You will need the correct tools and brushes etc. It all adds to the cost.
  • You will need to go up ladders. Do you have a head for heights?
  • Are you are of health & safety issues? We don’t want to see you in Hospital.
  • PREPARATION! Do you REALLY know what to do?

As you can imagine, painting your own house is fraught with danger and potential disappointment for the unwary but well-meaning home decorator!

As a surveyor, I have seen many failed and bodged DIY paint jobs and whilst the home owner was keen and well-meaning, painting and decorating, or applying any type of long life wall coating is NOT a job to be taken lightly and if done wrong, without the correct knowledge, tools and experience, the final job can be a disaster.

And if doing it once was a nightmare experience, now you have painted the walls, there’s one thing you forgot…….

…..next year, you are going to have to do it all over again!!!!!!

DIY painting? Don’t lock yourself into the annual painting cycle!

The one big drawback with painting a house with normal paint is the obvious fact that paint doesn’t last very long at all, in fact it starts to break down after only the first winter, and yes, we mean paints like weatherseal etc which say they last for 15 years; in many cases they Don’t!

One major drawback (amongst many) with using masonry paints is the fact that they don’t cover up cracks in walls, hollow render, missing pebbledash, flaky paint or mould.

Actually that’s quite a few drawbacks.

MORE than just paint?

This is a question that many people fail to consider when embarking upon a DIY house painting project which is often fraught with hazards for the unwary.

You need a LONG LIFE paint, one that repels the weather, and one that does not need to be repainted for up to 20 years.

However even the keenest DIY’er will realise that if the paint on there already is hanging off the wall, and there are various cracks and other points of concern, repairing a wall is even harder than painting it, so back to square one, and back on the phone to find a builder.

Best of luck with that task.

Does such a thing exist?

Yes it does, in the form of the NPA exterior wall coating system, supplied and installed by our own contractors.

This amazing wall paint system is applied by spray, after a careful repair of the walls of your home, which includes replacing loose rendering and pebbledash, cutting out and repairing cracks in the walls, removing flaking paint, mould and algae, and curing any damp present in the home.

All this for the cost of about TWO regular paint jobs, meaning that for the next 20 years, the house does not have to be painted again, saving you a fortune!

It also means that your house will be free of any ugly repairs or defects, ensuring that once the teams apply this special weatherproof external wall coating, you will not need to pay anything out all for many years to come!

OK, I’ve changed my mind and I want to pay someone to paint my house, what do I do now?

That’s the easy part.

Call the friendly guys and girls at NEVER PAINT AGAIN today, all for FREE on (0800) 970 4928

These experts can guide you through what options you have for our long life weatherproof exterior painting service, such as Coloured rendering, silicone wall coatings or NPA long life external wall coatings.

The choice is yours, so call for free advice now or email us here.

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