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Painting a Pebbledashed house in Blackheath, south east London

Houses with pebbledash attract grime and start to look unsightly after a while, especially so for this property in London that was recently completed by one of our exterior wall coatings contractors.

This lovely Edwardian house in Blackheath, London, was a palace inside, however the exterior appearance left a lot to be desired, so the owners called NEVER PAINT AGAIN to see what we could do for them.

See how we use textured masonry coatings as an ideal way to paint pebbledash!

Our contractors work nationally and are based in various places around the UK.

Our dedicated London team were tasked to spruce up this lovely house in a quiet residential street of Blackheath in the south east of the capital.

The owners had contacted a few London painters and decorators but none could promise the 25 year longevity of our coatings, nor could they do the job in the time frame the client wanted.

We gave it a thorough inspection and found much of the pebbledash was flaking away and in some places, had actually fallen off, meaning that rendering the wall was also a job that needed doing.!

When the owners read our report on the condition of the property, but saw the low price we had quoted to remedy the situation with an exterior wall coating system, they got back on the phone and called us in do the job.

One of the first things we had to do was to remove the hollow and cracked areas of pebbledash but we couldn’t just paint over it.

We had to reapply a sprayed tyrolean coating to the walls to reinstate the texture so no one would ever know it had been repaired, an example of which can be seen here.


Tyrolean wall coatings
Tyrolean wall coatings being applied


It is worth noting that your local London decorating company would just paint over all the poor areas of pebbledash instead of actually repairing it, something that makes us stand out from all the rest!

As you can see, we took great care to cover the windows and the balcony as not to make any mess.

The grey texture that you can see on the walls now was the result of rendering and then hand-applying a tyrolean wall coating (sprayed cement) on to the walls.

We of course then applied our never fade or crack, external wall coatings to both the front and rear, like this.


Spraying external textured wall coatings in London
Old and new! I bet the neighbour wises he had called us!


As you can see in the foreground, we matched the old and the new surfaces completely, so now you cannot see the repairs we carried out to the building.

In fact if you look at the rear elevation of the house, you can see this from another angle!


Rear of london house with exterior wall coatings
The rear with a wall coating


We always work very clean and tidy when we paint the outside of anyone’s house with our special wall coatings, especially as we don’t use brushes or rollers for the top coat, it’s all sprayed, which is why we protect paths, doors, windows, and of course in this case, the neighbours house too.

This house proved quite tricky to paint because although semi detached, the house next door was only a few feet away so this image deftly shows the problems and challenges we faced in painting it! (*Breathe in!) LOL!

A good job we did this very narrow area *before* having a big breakfast at the local cafe!

Compare pebbledash with paint
A tight squeeze working on this house!

Luckily the team were on a diet that week………..

And this is the finished result after repairing and painting all the pebble dash to give a nice warm colour, but retaining the heavy texture of pebbedashed walls, and doesn’t it look nice!

An exterior wall coatings job in London, completed and guaranteed for 20 years!

A London house painted with exterior wall coatings
A London house painted with exterior wall coatings


The exterior wall coating we applied to the outside of this house is guaranteed for 20 years to not fade, peel or crack like normal paint does.

It also stops penetrating damp if that is a problem in your house.

Our textured masonry wall coatings are nowhere near as expensive as you think and they save you money as you do not have to paint the house again, or for at least 20 years anyway, meaning that no painting and decorating is needed for some time.

For a free estimate to have the outside of your house painted anywhere in London, call us now, on 0800 970 4928


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