Exterior House Painting; an example of sprayed wall coating in Derbyshire

Does the outside of your house need painting yet again?

Exterior house painting is what we do best, (of course!), and it is certainly what we have taken immense pleasure and pride in since 1986.

Unlike your typical “Jobbing Builder”, repairing, making good and then painting the external walls of your home is the only thing we do, and we are darn good at it too, just ask our customers.

They will tell you that NPA is Britain’s number ONE exterior painting and wall coating specialist, and they often recommend us to friends and neighbours because of our track record and experience since 1986.

People trust us with painting the outsides of their homes, which is why year on year we continue to exceed all of our customers expectations, and more besides.

However, instead of me telling you how good we are, we thought that the best way to show you the high quality work we do each and every week of the year, was to describe, in text and photos, an interesting example of our work.

The property we painted externally was this lovely bungalow in Derbyshire.



It certainly looks nice now, but wait until you see what it looked like before we got to work!

It is also worth mentioning that this repair and paint process was completed in a freezing cold November, not during the summer time which is when people wrongly think is the only time they can get the outside of their house painted.

You do not have to wait until summer to have exterior painting done to your property, and therefore we are going to prove it to you right now.

As professional exterior paint contractors, we take tremendous pride in the work we do, and every house we paint, we detail and record every stage of the work, both preparatory, and the actual painting or spraying itself, so much so that we have over 80 pages of case studies from house painting contracts carried out around the UK.

So what is different about our house painting system and why is not available to a local exterior house painter?

There are a few main differences.

The main ones are that we tend to spray our paints and coatings rather than brush them on.

We use all-weather exterior wall coatings on most of our house painting jobs, rather than a local painter who would use masonry paints.

The big advantage to you is the fact that you do not have to wait until warm and dry weather to have your house painted because our coatings can be applied all year round, even during the winter time.

Your local exterior house painter cannot offer you this.

The external paint renovation project on this property was completed in only 4 days, and that was during a very cold and damp November 2016.

Here is what we started with. A scruffy and unkempt exterior

Day one: I think we are all agreed, it needs more than a lick of paint!

The photo above shows us after we had started work, exploring the condition of the exterior, and removing and replacing bad patches of render and the several areas of loose and flaking paint.

This is perhaps the stage where the house looks it’s worst.

However, as you can see, unlike your local decorator, we are very thorough in our preparation.




As our very cold team member (!) in the photo here would tell you, when you start to look in-depth at the condition of a house, you can find all kinds of things that a coat of paint would hide. It is worth noting that your local painter will PAINT, and that is it.

They will not carry out any repairs or making good to the fabric of the building, so in the photo above you can see not only did we uncover areas of hollow render, a prime place for DAMP to congregate.

We also uncovered many layers of old paint, cracks in the walls and other horrors previously covered over by a cowboy decorators cheap paint!

Exterior house painting must be done properly or not at all.

Another main reason why we are different is the fact that because we take so much time and energy on preparatory work, once our wall coating is applied to the outside, we are so confident that it will last at least TWO DECADES, we offer a 20 year warranty on all work!

Once the repairs and tidying up had been done, we then laid dust sheets all around, masked up the windows, applied a stabiliser to the wall, and then a coat of primer.

Here you can see the first primer, a cement based mix, which consolidates the wall surface


We then had to wait for this to dry, and enjoyed a nice hot cup of tea in the van!

If you have ever had any external house painting done before, you will instantly see that we go far further than your decorator would have done, in making sure your walls are in perfect condition before we carry on to the next stage which is applying a primer, by hand, across the entire house.

Once we have painted the house, you can see a massive difference

The walls are now free of defects and free of the requirement to have it painted every year because the genuine NEVER PAINT AGAIN wall coating we use to paint your house is not only of the highest quality, it is also TWENTY TIMES the thickness of ordinary house paint!

This means that all imperfections are now covered over and you are left with a crisp and clean finish, like this




The wall coating on this home will need no maintenance or repainting for twenty years and although as you can see, it is going to cost a tiny bit more in the short term to have done, it is NOT expensive.

In fact if you are considering having a textured wall coating applied to your home, if you have had a quote from another company, we will BEAT THE PRICE of that quote, in writing

Interested in having our exterior house painters to paint your property?

OK, well perhaps send us an enquiry here, and we can discuss costs, time frames etc, with no obligation and absolutely NO sales talk.

Our house painting system on your home means that the paint will NOT crack, fade, chip or peel, it stops all damp, requires no maintenance, and is guaranteed for 20 years!

If you like, you can also call us for a quick chat on 0800 970 4928, we pay for the call so it will not cost you a penny just to ask how much it costs.

We hope to hear from you soon, and let’s talk about your next exterior house painting project.

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